From rain to raccoons: Keep it out with a roof maintenance program

By Kirsten Land / November 1, 2016

Your roof protects one of your biggest investments—your home. Too often, however, we take the roof for granted. Out of sight, out of mind. Or maybe we intend to perform regular maintenance ourselves, but get busy and let it slide.
Investing in a regular maintenance program by roofing professionals can save you a big chunk of change in the long run.

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Celebrating 30 years of Land Enterprises Roofing

By Kirsten Land / October 18, 2016

Did you know that Land Enterprises Roofing is 30 years old this month? In honor of those 30 years, here are 30 things you may not know about our team!

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How Land Enterprises Roofing began

By Kirsten Land / October 4, 2016

At Land Enterprises Roofing, we’re celebrating 30 years of business this month! Brian Land has long been driven by entrepreneurship and giving back to the community.

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Three autumn roof maintenance guidelines

By Kirsten Land / September 20, 2016

Your roof is one of the larger investments you’ve made in your home. Just like other major investments, keeping up with minor maintenance can increase the life of your roof.
You pay for regular maintenance on your car—oil changes, tune ups, and tire rotations—to prevent small problems from becoming big problems. Maintaining your roof does the same thing! Fall is the perfect time for you to consider three parts of roof maintenance.

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Is your roofer in good standing?

By Kirsten Land / July 19, 2016

In Oklahoma, we’re no strangers to fly-by-night contractors who come in from out of town to repair roofs after an especially rough storm. Some of those roofers may be legitimate, but too many of them are predatory, willing to take advantage of a storm to make a profit. And they may or may not be able to do the work they promise you.

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Preparing your house to go on the market

By Kirsten Land / July 5, 2016

When you’re planning on listing your home, there are a few common tips for putting your home in its best light. De-clutter your space, have neutral paint colors, don’t be in the way during the showing—you’ve probably heard many of these tips for selling your home.

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8 energy efficient home projects

By Kirsten Land / June 21, 2016

Summer is here! If you’re like me, you’re itching to take on a few projects around the house.
As I consider projects, the ones I get most excited about are those that beautify my home, add value to my property, or enhance my home’s energy efficiency and environmental profile. Sometimes, the projects accomplish all three!

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Storm Preparedness

By Kirsten Land / April 5, 2016

With warmer (and wetter!) spring weather, we all know to expect a bit of the unexpected as well. Are you ready for this spring’s storms? We want your family to be safe this spring, so here’s a quick checklist you can use to make sure you’re prepared.

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3 steps to hassle-free roof repair

By Kirsten Land / March 15, 2016

When a hail storm strikes the area, one of two things happens: you need an immediate repair or replacement of your roof or you have minor damage that will build up over time and eventually need to be repaired. Assuming you fall into the second category, chances are you’re not looking forward to filing that insurance claim right away.

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Spring roof maintenance

By Kirsten Land / March 1, 2016

Spring is right around the corner! You may have a binder full of spring cleaning ideas and DIY projects you’re itching to start, or maybe you just can’t wait to sit out on your porch with some tea and relax. Either way, your roof maintenance might not be top-of-mind.

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