From rain to raccoons: Keep it out with a roof maintenance program


How important is it to take care of your roof? It comes down to how you feel about your home.

Your roof protects one of your biggest investments—your home. Too often, however, we take the roof for granted. Out of sight, out of mind. Or maybe we intend to perform regular maintenance ourselves, but get busy and let it slide.
Investing in a regular maintenance program by roofing professionals can save you a big chunk of change in the long run.

Catch small issues before they become giant problems

It doesn’t take long for a small issue in your roof to become a major nightmare.

A leak can damage the structure of your house and valuable belongings inside it. A small leak that goes undetected for a period of time can breed mold—detrimental to both your home and health.

Trees provide beauty and shade. But if you don’t notice the one or two branches that are now rubbing against your house, they could rub granules off your roof’s shingles, contributing to unnecessary wear and tear.

High winds can tear away shingles, sun and weather can cause caulk to crack, and wear and tear can cause the flashing around the fireplace to come apart.

Weak points in your roof’s armor may lead to more than precipitation getting into your home. Animals can burrow in, too. Once in your home, they can cause major issues.

The myth of the brand new roof

A lot of people think that because they have a brand new roof, they don’t need a maintenance plan. That logic falls apart when you think of it this way: children have relatively brand new teeth. Would you tell them not to brush and floss since the teeth are new and in good shape?

Of course not! In fact, because your roof is new, it’s the perfect time to get started on a maintenance program for it. Maintaining your roof will help you keep it looking pristine and prevent leaks.

What you can expect from our maintenance programs

Our team will come out to your home and inspect the condition of your roof, then recommend a plan. There are four pieces you can count on:

1. Inspection: We will examine your rubber plumbing boots, attic vents, shingles, decking, gutters, and skylights for damage and issues.

2. Maintenance: We will clean your skylights, trim back trees or bushes that are touching the roof or are close to touching the roof, and clean and remove debris from the gutters.

3. Report: We provide a written report detailing what was done and if any repairs are needed.

4. Discount: If any repairs are needed, we offer a 10% discount for roof maintenance customers.

If you’d like a roof maintenance plan estimate, give us a call at 405-359-3951. Let’s keep your roof in optimal condition, so it can protect your house, your belongings, and your loved ones.



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