Oklahoma is known for its wild and unpredictable weather. From the wind sweeping down the plains to pouring rain to blazing hot sun to snow and ice, Oklahoma weather can be rough.

We often take for granted the buildings that protect us from the elements. Consider for a minute that your home may be your biggest financial investment and housing your greatest asset. Now consider that your roof is the best protector your home can have. Wouldn’t you want to do everything in your power to keep your roof in great shape?

Many new homeowners are under the impression that because they have a brand new roof, they don’t need a maintenance plan. That’s a scary thought! Think about when you buy a new car-you still need to change the oil. If you neglect oil changes, you’ll be stuck on the side of the road waiting for help to arrive. If you want to keep your roof looking new and prevent leaks, you have to maintain it as well.

Can’t I just inspect it myself periodically?

There’s come a point in time where most homeowners realize it’s been a while since they’ve really looked at their roof. While it can be tempting to grab a ladder and check it out, we recommend leaving roof inspections to the professionals. First, they know exactly what they’re looking for in terms of damage or other concerns. Second, they know how to safely navigate the roof.

How do I protect my investment?

Taking care of the small issues before they become large (and expensive) is the best way to protect your investment. A lot can happen to your roof if no one is paying attention. A small issue like a slow leak in the attic can become an emergency when it becomes a major leak and damages priceless belongings.

If a small leak goes undetected for a period of time, it can easily turn to mold and cause your family to become ill. To protect your roof and everything underneath it, every repair is important, no matter how small. If getting to a small issue before it becomes a bigger issue is good, imagine getting to a teeny tiny issue before it becomes even a small issue. That’s even better.

While it’s true that many roofing companies only replace roofs, there are many companies, including Land Roofing, that happily complete repairs of all sizes.

What is a maintenance plan?

Having a maintenance program is a bit like having roof radar. Experienced professionals will be your eyes in the sky looking for any existing or potential issues to protect the overall life of your roof.

A good roof maintenance program should offer twice yearly inspections for damage from environmental factors, like high winds or trees rubbing against your roof. The maintenance program also helps identify and fix any gaps or entry points where animals could burrow into your attic and cause a significant amount of damage.

Our roof maintenance program also qualifies you for discounts on any necessary repairs. We know that small problems can turn into large problems if they aren’t addressed quickly. If you’d like to request a small roof repair or have questions about our maintenance program, give us a call.

Need an emergency roofer?

by: Kirsten Land on April 19th, 2016 about Land Enterprises Roofing

Handsome young man speaking on smart phone at sunset in cityWe know that when spring storms hit, your family’s safety is your first priority-and it should be! After the storm, though, you’ll take stock of any damage. Any downed tree limbs? Was your car protected from hail damage?

You may need to wait until the next day to see if your roof is damaged. If it’s damaged enough to open up a leak, though, you won’t need to wait to see the damage. You’ll know. Who do you call in that situation?

We hope you’ll consider giving us a call. In fact, we expect to get calls in the middle of the night this spring. It’s just a part of the service we provide. We have an emergency roofer on staff that can tarp your roof for you quickly.

After we get your roof tarped, we can work out the necessary details. First and foremost, we want your family to be safe and dry, and for you to avoid any further damage to your belongings and your home.

We can help you take care of paperwork, including insurance paperwork. We’re not looking to gouge anyone on pricing here. But if we are going to repair your roof in case of damage, it makes a lot of sense to us that we would be the people to help you stay dry in the meantime.

If you have questions about our emergency roofing services, be sure to give us a call.

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Meet the crew at Land Roofing

by: Kirsten Land on January 19th, 2016 about Land Enterprises Roofing

Land crewDo you have questions about your roof and want someone you can actually talk to? At Land Enterprises Roofing, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service!

Our customers aren’t just people who need us to work on their roofs. Realtors, insurance agents, and property managers are also our customers. Part of excellent customer service is making sure your customers know just who they’re dealing with, and the roles each person plays along the way.

We consider ourselves a team. When you call our office, 1 of 5 people may answer the phone. All of our team members are well-trained and more than capable of answering your questions. So, without further ado, meet the Land Enterprises Roofing crew!


Brian LandBrian Land is the Owner. He founded the company in 1986 and is a certified residential HAAG inspector (HCI 201305329).


Kirsten LandKristen Land is Vice President of the company and handles office process. She makes sure everything is flowing well so that your project is handled properly along the way.


Paula BufordPaula Buford is the Office Manager. She handles contractors, insurance and mortgage work, scheduling inspections and day-to-day work. Have a question about your insurance claim? Need a roof inspection for closing? Paula has you taken care of!


Kyle BeltKyle Belt is also a HAAG Certified Inspector. He can let you know whether or not your roof has damage and needs to be repaired or replaced.


Todd DavisTodd Davis is our Project Manager. He handles job sites and speaking with customers before the job starts to answer questions and to make sure they understand the process.


Now that you’ve met the team, give us a call if you want to see if we're a good fit for you! We’d love to have a conversation and help you discover if we can help you or not.

You can always reach us by calling the office at 405-359-3951 and one of us will be happy to speak with you. If you have no immediate need, but would like to connect with us online, you can find us online on Facebook, or subscribe to our email newsletter.

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Scott Dycus Pics3Every year we hear from customers that they want to hurry up and have their roofing project done before winter or wait until the spring when the weather is warmer. Of course the customer can choose the best time for them to complete projects on their home but they don't have to wait until spring. In Oklahoma we are fortunate to have more mild winters than other states in the Union and therefore we roof many homes during the winter under specific guidelines that we are always careful to follow.

In the colder months we will only start a complete re-roof if it is going to be a sunny day and the temperatures will get up to 50 degrees. Our crew will tear off shingles in the morning and attach the underlayment to the decking. Before heading to lunch they will place the shingles on the roof to allow them time to warm up. Depending upon the color of the shingle chosen, on a 50 degree day the shingles will warm up to a toasty 70 degrees. Once the crews return from lunch the shingles are ready to be secured to the decking. The warmth of the sun will help the shingles to lie down and seal into their permanent position.

Great news! Now you don't have to wait for the season to change, call and schedule your roof inspection or project today!

Copper Cupola

by: Kirsten Land on October 11th, 2011 about Land Enterprises Roofing

Recently we installed a cupola onto the roof of a customer’s home. A cupola is a piece of architecture that is placed on top of a home or other type of building. Sometimes they serve as a lookout or to allow air or light into a space. In this case the cupola was added for the beauty of its architecture.

The copula can be created in many different styles and colors to suit any design esthetic. This one was made of an untreated copper. The customer requested this so he could enjoy watching the patina change over time. This particular home had three installed, one larger piece for the longest part of their roof and two smaller pieces for the turrets. Adding these to the home gives it a unique and stately appearance. The end result was beautiful!

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Brand New Commercial Roofing Project

by: Kirsten Land on March 28th, 2011 about Land Enterprises Roofing

These are the pictures of the beautiful First Church of the Nazarene in Chickasha! They chose the StormMaster Slate shingles manufactured by Atlas. The color is “Weathered Slate” and it is a class 4 impact shingle that has a lifetime limited warranty, 130 mph wind warranty and is also algae resistant! Some insurance companies offer a discount if you choose this shingle for your roof.

On this project we added additional ventilation to the church which saves on energy costs. We also combed the air conditioning units which were damaged by a hail storm. Combing the vents simply straightens the fins that were dented due to the impact of the hail. Straightening the fins helps the units to operate at their optimal level.

The best part of all is that the congregation of the First Church of the Nazarene now has a beautiful new roof that everyone in Chichasha will enjoy seeing everyday!

For more information about the StormMaster Slate shingle or other Atlas products visit the “Materials” sections of our website.

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Win 2 Tickets to the OKC Home Show!

by: Kirsten Land on March 25th, 2011 about Land Enterprises Roofing

Between now and 5pm on Monday, March 28th “Like Us” on Facebook and you will be entered to win 2 tickets to the OKC Home Show, April 1-3. The winner will be announced on Tuesday morning.

The OKC Home Show tickets are $11.00 at the door or $8.00 online ( for adults and children 12 and under are free. Chip Wade from HGTV’s Curb appeal will be there too! The OKC Home Show will be at State Fair Park and opens Friday, April 1st from 12pm – 9pm, Saturday, 10am – 9pm and close on Sunday, 10am – 6pm. Come by and see us at our booth!

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Come see us at the OKC Home Show in April!

by: Kirsten Land on March 5th, 2011 about Land Enterprises Roofing

We are so excited to announce that we will have an exhibit at the OKC Home Show, April 1-3 at the State Fair Park this year. We will be introducing our brand new Roof Maintenance Program which is the first program of this kind to be offered in Oklahoma. As a special treat we will also have a drawing to give away one Roof Maintenance Package each day of the show. So, come see us and you might be one of the winners!

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by: Kirsten Land on February 24th, 2011 about Land Enterprises Roofing

We are excited to announce that Land Enterprises Roofing recently joined the rest of the world by setting up our very first Facebook page. We will be sharing lots of great information each and every day so be sure to check us out.

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Join Us To Celebrate Our Grand Opening!

by: Kirsten Land on November 15th, 2010 about Land Enterprises Roofing

LandEnterprises Office

LandEnterprises Office

On Tuesday, November 16th @ 4pm Land Enterprises Roofing will have a ribbon cutting ceremony with the Edmond Chamber to celebrate our new location. Everyone is invited and after a brief ceremony we will enjoy heavy hors'd' oeuvres' and beverages. This will be great opportunity to meet our team, family and tour our facility.

We moved into our current location in January, 2010. Previously, our company was run out of an extra room in our home. It was a great arrangement until we came home with our first son and added additional employees. Now we are so thankful for our beautiful office and warehouse space. We are excited to share this blessing with our customers, friends and colleagues. We hope to see you there!

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