Is your roofer in good standing?


In Oklahoma, we’re no strangers to fly-by-night contractors who come in from out of town to repair roofs after an especially rough storm. Some of those roofers may be legitimate, but too many of them are predatory, willing to take advantage of a storm to make a profit. And they may or may not be able to do the work they promise you.

Legally, whether a roofer lives in Oklahoma or not, all roofers who do work in Oklahoma have to register with the CIB (Construction Industries Board). They have to register to be able to offer to do work, let alone complete the project.

This statewide registry is where you can find out if your roofer should be trusted or not. The CIB has some non-negotiable standards for being in good standing, and if your roofer isn’t in good standing, it could mean additional hassle for you long-term.

It’s best to check this list before even signing a contract with a roofer to begin a project. Here’s a quick overview of the CIB’s registry.

What does it take to be in good standing with the CIB?

  • Submit roofing qualifications to the board
  • Liability insurance of at least $500,000
  • Worker’s comp insurance (or a legitimate exemption)
  • Re-register annually

The state of Oklahoma considers meeting these requirements to be the bare minimum for roofing legally.

These things would make a roofing company fall out of good standing with CIB:

  • Abandoning a roofing contract illegally after receiving money
  • Misrepresenting products, services, or qualifications
  • Diverting funds or property entrusted to them
  • Lying in their CIB application
  • Roofing without a required permit
  • Injuring people or property while inadequately covered by insurance

To check to see if any given roofer is in good standing with the CIB, head over to CIB’s webpage and follow the links underneath “TO CHECK REGISTRATION.” I recommend searching by the business’ name, but you can sort the registry in a few different ways.

We are proud to be in good standing in the CIB, and there are a lot of roofers in Oklahoma that are in good standing. This list isn’t hidden from the general public, but I’ve found that it’s not common knowledge, either. But knowing about it, you can now make sure that any roofer you choose is one who’s in good standing with the state.


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