Spring roof maintenance


Spring is right around the corner! You may have a binder full of spring cleaning ideas and DIY projects you’re itching to start, or maybe you just can’t wait to sit out on your porch with some tea and relax. Either way, your roof maintenance might not be top-of-mind.

Lucky for you, we think about roofs all the time! It’s essential that your roof is ready for spring so you can keep minor issues from becoming big ones. Regular rooftop maintenance will extend the overall life of your roof, and it will ensure the roofing material manufacturer will honor their warranty.

For our standard maintenance, we come out twice a year—right before winter, and right after. We’ve found that to be optimal timing.

Your gutters are essential to keeping your foundation in good shape, but in the spring your gutters themselves need a bit of attention. Clogged gutters can create a variety of problems including:

  • Foundation problems from pooling ground water
  • Damage to the gutter system due to the weight of wet leaves and other debris
  • Landscaping damage due to runoff
  • Gutters that hold water can also be a breeding ground for mosquitos

Gutter screens can keep out larger debris, but even small debris collecting in your gutters can prevent clean and free-flowing gutters. Of course, looking at the gutters will let you know if you need to clear off the top of the screens, but we also recommend checking inside the gutters to see if there’s been build-up of smaller debris.

It’s still a good idea to clear out your gutters, even if you did it before winter. You never know what leaves, toys, or critters may have found their way into your gutters over the colder months. (We’ve found a baby copperhead in a gutter once. Better safe than sorry.)

Your gutters aren’t the only part of your roof that need maintenance before spring, though. We’re experts at inspecting and identifying problems that may have cropped up over winter, so they can be addressed before they become larger issues.

Our preventative maintenance plans can help you keep your roof in great shape without worrying too much about it. They include bi-annual roof inspections, where we inspect:

  • Rubber plumbing boots (and replace as needed)
  • Attic vents to see if there’s cracking, flaking, or metal rusting
  • Animal damage or roof penetration
  • And more

A roof maintenance plan could even save you money. Here’s how. If you’d like help preparing your roof for spring, give us a call!


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