Three autumn roof maintenance guidelines


Your roof is one of the larger investments you’ve made in your home. Just like other major investments, keeping up with minor maintenance can increase the life of your roof.

You pay for regular maintenance on your car—oil changes, tune ups, and tire rotations—to prevent small problems from becoming big problems. Maintaining your roof does the same thing! Fall is the perfect time for you to consider three parts of roof maintenance.

1. Basic repair

Experts recommend a biannual inspection, typically every spring and fall. Here’s a checklist of things you may want to keep an eye on—and quickly repair before they become bigger, more expensive issues.

  • Rubber plumbing boots that are deteriorating
  • Attic vents that are cracking, flaking, and rusting
  • Animal damage or roof penetration
  • Shingles that are curling, cupping, flaking, tearing, splitting, and blistering
  • Roof decking that is buckling
  • Gutters clogged with debris

2. Spring damage

If you had roof-damaging storms hit your neighborhood this spring, you may have waited on getting repairs until the storm season passed. You didn’t want to have another hail storm come along and tear up a brand-new roof!

But if you think your roof could need replacing, now’s a good time to call a roofer out for an inspection. If they think it needs to be repaired, it’s much better to have that done now than when damp fall and freezing winter weather set in.

3. Winter preparation

Winter is hard on your roof. If your roof isn’t up to par, it can lead to everything from small leaks to severe cave-ins.

Are there any factors that may cause an ice dam on your roof? Are there other signs of poor roof health? If you are not on a regular maintenance program, or haven’t had your roof looked at in a while, now’s the time to have it checked.
Want to have a professional come out and do your roof maintenance for you? You may want to know that if you enroll in one of our roof maintenance programs, you get an extra 10% off small repairs.

But however you handle autumn maintenance, be sure to take care of your roof so it can take care of you, for years and years to come.


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