Air conditioners and storm damage

By Kirsten Land / August 22, 2023

Storms and inclement weather conditions can wreak havoc on your home, and one of the components often affected is the air conditioning (AC) system. Understanding the role of AC repair in storm damage is essential to maintain a comfortable and healthy home.

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How to hire a contractor

By Kirsten Land / June 20, 2023

I’ve heard it said, “Your home is where your heart is,” and if this is true for you, then your home is worth investing in. That’s why it’s vital that you know the steps to take to hire a contractor in case you ever need any home repairs.

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Manufacturer highlight: Owens Corning

By Kirsten Land / December 6, 2022

Last on our list for the manufacturer highlight series is Owens Corning. With over a century-long history, the roofing shingle manufacturer we know today as Owens Corning began in the late 20th century and, through the years, focused on innovating its products to serve a variety of industries. You might remember the name due to its…

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Granule loss: When should you be concerned?

By Kirsten Land / May 17, 2022

Granule loss from asphalt shingles tends to cause concern for homeowners, which is completely understandable. However, granule loss is not always a cause for concern. It’s completely normal—to an extent.

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Roofing material update

By Kirsten Land / May 3, 2022

A few months ago, Land Roofing Enterprises met with every one of its manufacturers, each presenting pre- and post-pandemic experiences and updates. We got to learn some very cool stuff and important information!

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What to do after storm damage

By Kirsten Land / April 19, 2022

Before storm season, we always advise homeowners to have a plan—creating a storm kit, taking photos of your home, reading up on your insurance policy, and more. 

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How to prepare ahead of storm season

By Kirsten Land / March 15, 2022

We have made it through the freezing weather and a few winter storms, but now, it’s time to prepare for April showers. We have to prepare for the unexpected in Oklahoma because the weather can change within hours. The best way to prepare for storm season is to plan ahead of time, before storm season arrives, to save you any stress and last-minute scrambling.

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A day in the life of a roof inspector

By Kirsten Land / March 1, 2022

What does a roof inspector do during a typical workday? Whether it’s out of curiosity, for educational purposes, or something else, let’s take a look at what a typical day is like for a roof inspector—specifically, a Land roof inspector!

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From contracting to friendship

By Kirsten Land / February 15, 2022

We at Land Enterprises cherish and appreciate the relationships we have built over the past two decades. One person, in particular, has been a great partner and friend of ours for a very long time. Andy Ortega, our roofing subcontractor with Ortega Roofing, has been around for at least 22 years. We can’t remember the exact year we started working together. That’s how long!

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What happens when an insurance company denies your claim?

By Kirsten Land / February 1, 2022

Have you ever submitted a home insurance claim just for the insurance company to deny it? Talk about frustrating! Recently, we had a customer whose insurance claim was rejected, so they reached out to us for help. This made us realize that many homeowners don’t know when to file an insurance claim or what to do if that claim is denied.

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