Introducing the Roof Maintenance Plan

Man clears debris from roof gutter

We make it easy for you to keep your roof and surrounding systems in pristine condition 365 days a year.

You don't want to spend your weekend cleaning gutters or checking your air conditioner boot, much less risk your safety getting onto your roof. That's where we come in. If you're concerned about the leaves in your gutter, the state of your shingles, or the overall condition of your roof. Our roof maintenance plan can save you time and give you peace of mind about your property.

What does a roof maintenance plan cover?


We clean the gutters, eaves, valleys, and skylights so your roof keeps water off of the structure, keeping your home safe and dry.


We'll trim back any trees that are in a precarious position near your home, and check for any other damage from nature or wildlife.


We inspect chimney flashing, attic vents, shingles, & more, then make small repairs to stop problems before they damage your home.

Why Trust Land Enterprises Roofing?

Land Enterprises Roofing was founded by Brian Land in 1986 to help businesses and homeowners who were frustrated with the confusing process of getting quality roofing work done. You should never have to guess about our intentions; we share our process with integrity from start to finish and work through each aspect of your unique situation from claim to completion.

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Is a roof maintenance plan right for you or your loved ones?


This regular maintenance helps ensure that the roofing material manufacturer will honor their warranty and extends the overall life of your roof. It also saves you time and reduces your risk of injury from climbing on the roof.

This plan is great for people who:

  • Want to save their elderly parents or grandparents the hazard of climbing on their roof.
  • Want to spend their Saturdays playing with their kids or pursuing their hobbies, not climbing up and down ladders or scrubbing skylights.
  • Have knee or shoulder injuries that prevent them from taking care of their home without significant pain or discomfort.
  • Want our team of experts to get their eyes on their roof and fix problems right away, not wait until something goes wrong.
  • Are interested in documenting the condition of their roof over time to ensure the condition remains stable.

If you want to purchase a plan for yourself or a loved one, all our team needs is your address! Call today to see if you're eligible.


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