Summer home maintenance checklist

By Kirsten Land / August 21, 2018

Summer is rapidly drawing to a close, which means it’s a good time to make sure you’ve completed your summer home maintenance tasks. Before we know it, fall will be here, which means cooler temperatures but shorter days. Take advantage of the extra sunlight now to complete these tasks.

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Preparing for a disaster before it happens

By Kirsten Land / April 3, 2018

The people of Oklahoma are no stranger to disasters. From tornadoes to flooding to fires and more, these disasters can have a significant impact on individuals and businesses. A disaster can break a business, and it can create a lot of stress for homeowners.

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What’s the difference between a roof and a roofing system?

By Kirsten Land / January 16, 2018

A roof is more than just the shingles. A roof includes (or at least should include) ventilation, insulation, an ice and water barrier, a felt underlayment, and then the shingles. But not all of those things are created equal!

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Meet the team at Land Enterprises Roofing

By Kirsten Land / November 21, 2017

Meet the team at Land Enterprises Roofing

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Don’t let your roofer void your shingle warranty, part two

By Kirsten Land / October 17, 2017

As we discussed in our last blog post, many homeowners aren’t aware that their roofer can potentially void the manufacturer’s shingle warranty if they fail to follow installation specifications.

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Don’t let your roofer void your shingle warranty, part one

By Kirsten Land / October 3, 2017

Did you know that how your roofer installs your shingles may affect their warranty?

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The right ventilation can save your roof

By Kirsten Land / September 19, 2017

Does your home have proper roof ventilation? The right ventilation can result in lower electric bills and longer-lasting shingles. Plus, it can save you money in other ways, too.

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Does your insurance adjuster know your area’s roofing code?

By Kirsten Land / August 15, 2017

Do you know the latest details of the roofing code in your area? Don’t worry. Most homeowners can’t cite the specific roofing codes that might affect replacing or repairing a roof.
You might be surprised to find out, however, that many insurance adjusters aren’t aware of roofing codes either. When it’s time to make a claim on your insurance, show your insurance policy to your trusted roofer. Here are three reasons why.

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The pros and cons of solar shingles

By Kirsten Land / August 1, 2017

You’ve probably heard of—and maybe even seen—solar panels. And perhaps you’ve seen some of the early-version solar shingles that have been developed in recent years.

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Five tips to become roof aware

By Kirsten Land / July 18, 2017

Have you been thinking about switching your homeowners insurance policy to save some money? Before you switch, make sure you do a little homework. Otherwise, instead of saving money, you might end up costing yourself—a lot. Be roof aware before you shop around.

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