Roof Damage and Emergency Repairs!

by: Kirsten Land on August 10th, 2011 about personal, Roofing Advice

Brian Land, owner of Land Enterprises Roofing was interviewed by OKC Fox 25 news this morning regarding the roof damage to Waterloo Baptist Church during last night’s storm. Brian was driving to our office when he noticed the destruction and tv crews interviewing Pastor Griff Henderson this morning. While we are not official members of Waterloo we feel like honorary members because our children attend Mother’s Day Out twice a week and our family attends classes on Wednesday nights. While inspecting the damage Brian noted that he could see pews in the sanctuary through the roof. He was able to get our crews out to the church a short while later for an emergency repair.

With damage where you can see inside the property you can’t waste anytime in having it repaired. In the event of additional rain, the inside of the church could have been easily damaged too. To minimize the injury it was necessary to act quickly. It was just great timing that Brian happened to be driving by and could help out.

If you received damage from any of the recent wind storms make sure you have a professional inspect your home. Even the smallest amount left unattended can lead to a leak later on. Protecting your home from exterior and interior damage is important for the safety of your family as well as your investment. If you need a free roof inspection, call Staci at our office; (405) 359-3951.

You can see Brian’s interview tonight at 9pm on OKC Fox 25 news.

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Happy Anniversary to NASA’s Space Shuttle!

by: Kirsten Land on April 12th, 2011 about personal

Kirsten Vogt Land & Allison Vogt

My sister, Allison, and I pose in front of an Atlas/Centaur launch vehicle when I was about eight-years-old.

Today marks two very important dates in space history with the 50th anniversary of human space flight and the 30th anniversary of the US Space Shuttle’s first flight! For me and many others who love space travel this is a bitter sweet anniversary as the Space Shuttle program will come to an end this summer. When the last Shuttle blasts off into Space it will also mark a new era in US history as NASA will no longer have any manned space craft in it’s fleet. The Obama administration cut plans for any future Space Shuttle program. I believe that decision will diminish America’s exceptionalism in the world. When we flew to China last year to adopt our second son, our travels took us to Inner Mongolia, China, home to China’s space program. Our guide took us to a history museum that hosted an exhibit about the Chinese space program and with it included pictures and information about our US Space Shuttle. When asked why they displayed pictures of our space program he told us that the Chinese admire the US space program. No other space program besides China and the US were shown in this exhibit.

The US has been a leader in the Space Race ever since President John F. Kennedy declared it a priority for America. Sadly, it is no longer a priority to this administration. The Space Shuttle program has advanced our society and way of life with many discoveries that led to great inventions including Velcro to name only one of many.

I have grown up watching the Space Shuttle launches and have admired the many astronauts. My Father worked for NASA when I was growing up and I know how much this program means to the many people around our country who work for NASA.

I never had the privilege of seeing a launch in person and had hoped to see one before the program ended. When that day finally arrives it will be a sense of pride in our Country and a pain in my heart for the end of something so magnificent!

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Bunnies on The Fairway

by: Kirsten Land on April 5th, 2011 about personal

Edmond, OK - On Friday, April 22, 2011 see the latest in children's fashion at Bunnies on the Fairway children's fashion show and auction with proceeds benefiting the Cavett Kids Foundation. The event will be held at Oak Tree Country Club. Doors open at 5 p.m. and the event begins at 6 p.m. Tickets are $20 per person.

The fashion show will feature spring children's fashions from: Baby Mode Children's Clothier, Funky Monkey, Kiddoes, Ladybugs and Lizards Children's Boutique, Lil Dudes and Divas and Uptown Kids. Auction will include art from area artists, gift baskets and much more.

The event is chaired by Olya Grimes and Jennifer McIntyre who both feel passionately about helping children. Grimes, says, "Spring is in the air and summer plans are being made. We feel that now is a critical time to support Cavett Kids Foundation and their mission to provide camps, events and programs for children with life-threatening and chronic illnesses while promoting character, coping skills and connection at no charge to the patients or their families."

Jenny Rodgers, Cavett Kids Foundation Director says, "Over the past few years, Cavett Kids Foundation (formerly Camp Cavett ) has grown tremendously. In 2010 alone, our total number of patients helped increased by 30%! However, due to the current economical situation, donations have significantly decreased we are concerned about being able to help such a large number of patients in the future." This year the foundation's goal is $100K in 100 Days to "Help bring a smile to a sick kid".

For more information about the Cavett Kids Foundation:

Help send kids to camp and enjoy a fun evening out

Friday, April 22, 2011

Doors open at 5 p.m; event begins at 6 p.m.

Tickets are $20 at the door (cash or check only)

Event Contact, Olya Grimes: or 405-641-8647

Media Contact, Jennifer McIntyre or 405-414-9351

Our sons, Daniel and Evan, will be modeling clothes from Lady Bugs and Lizards. This will be a fun event and I hope you can join us as we support a very special organization.





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Meet Our New Baby!

by: Kirsten Land on September 12th, 2010 about personal

Evan Joseph Sheng Land

Evan Joseph Sheng Land

Brian and I along with our three-year-old, Daniel, flew to China on May 10th and came home on May 31st, 2010 to adopt then, 19-month-old, Evan. Evan is now 23 months old and will be turning 2 later this month!

We had a wonderful trip that included 9 plane flights, 5 hotel rooms and 7 cities including Hong Kong. It was interesting, to say the least, traveling with two toddlers. I think we experienced every mode of transportation possible except by animal.

Our trip started in Hong Kong where we decided to take Daniel to Disney Hong Kong as a special treat before becoming a ‘big brother’. We stayed at the resort and had a wonderful time. Daniel’s favorite ride was the Buzz Lightyear ride. He sat between me and Brian while covering his eyes the entire time!

After Hong Kong we flew to Beijing where we stayed three days in a beautiful hotel. We spent our time in Beijing sight seeing. We climbed the Great Wall, visited the Summer Palace and The Forbidden City. Everything was amazing especially the Great Wall. Because Daniel was so little we were not able to climb as much of the wall as we would have liked. We hope to return when the boys are older and give it another shot!

From Beijing we flew to Hohhot in Inner Mongolia, China. This was the place where we met Evan for the first time. We spent seven days in Hohhot getting to know Evan and completing the necessary documents to finalize his adoption in China. While in Hohhot we also visited Baotou City to see Evan’s former home and meet his care takers.

After Hohhot it was time to get on another airplane and head to Guangzhou, China. This is the city that all families adopting children from China must visit before they depart the country. The US Embassy is located here. This was our second visit to Guangzhou (first was to meet Daniel) and we love it there! The weather is like Miami and the last time we visited it was in February so the weather was mild but, this time it was hot and humid. Fortunately, the hotel had air conditioning!

About six days later we boarded a train and headed for Hong Kong once again. We thought that since we were so close we should take a couple of days to tour the famous islands! By this time we were so tired we really just wanted to head home. However, we got to stay in a beautiful suite on the 61st floor of a magnificent hotel that had fabulous views. We spent Memorial Day weekend sight seeing before we boarded our plane for home. It was literally the longest day ever! Evan became a US Citizen in San Francisco, Californina.

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