Manufacturer highlight: Owens Corning

Construction worker putting the asphalt roofing (shingles) with nail gun on a new frame house

Last on our list for the manufacturer highlight series is Owens Corning. With over a century-long history, the roofing shingle manufacturer we know today as Owens Corning began in the late 20th century and, through the years, focused on innovating its products to serve a variety of industries. You might remember the name due to its popular insulation products and Pink Panther mascot. 

In the 1960s, the roofing arm of Owens Corning was launched. Now Owens is a leader in the marketplace for quality and sustainable materials, and Land Enterprises Roofing is proud to partner with excellent manufacturers like this to serve our clients. 

An affordable, fan-favorite, the TruDefinition® DURATION® shingles come in various stylish colors with an expanded color line expected to launch in 2023. Known for bold contrast, deep dimension, and outstanding performance, these shingles come with the advanced performance of patented SureNail® Technology, offering homeowners enhanced durability for their roofs and outperforming other shingles in the Nailing Zone.

Oakridge® laminated shingles are another shingle we offer to our clients. These shingles are installed featuring a full double layer in the nailing zone which improves their life expectancy compared to shingles with only single-layer nail zones. Also in a variety of colors, the Oakridge shingle is an excellent option for the homeowner hoping to improve curb appeal without breaking the bank.  

Historically a prevalent choice among investment homeowners and homeowners with smaller homes, Owens Corning continues to offer 3-tab shingles, although many other manufacturers are retiring these from their product line. Look no further if you’re trying to find an affordable option that still offers protection on your home. Three-tab shingles are a basic, smart choice for weather resistance and value.

If you missed our other blogs featuring the exceptional manufacturers we work with at Land Enterprises Roofing, click here to visit our blog and check out our various partners. If you see something you like, we hope you’ll call us to see if we’re the right fit for your roofing needs!


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