How to prepare ahead of storm season

Storm behind house

Well, we have made it through the freezing weather and a few winter storms, but now, it’s time to prepare for April showers. We have to prepare for the unexpected in Oklahoma because the weather can change within hours. The best way to prepare for storm season is to plan ahead of time, before storm season arrives, to save you any stress and last-minute scrambling.

It’s time to secure your fort and get your defenses ready!

Look for potential problems

Look for any potential problems a storm could damage even more. It’s important to take pictures and document everything beforehand. Doing this will help the process of a claim if one needs to be filed later on.

Often, we get calls for a leak, but sometimes other damage is found during the inspection. Looking for potential problems will help you plan and document accordingly.

Clean and gather

Before storm season hits, there are different steps you can take to better prepare. Here are a few steps to include on your storm preparation list:

  • Clean out your shelter. If you don’t have a shelter at home, the City of OKC recommends sheltering in place.
  • Routinely clean your gutters.
  • Trim surrounding trees that could potentially damage your home.
  • Ensure your insurance policy is up-to-date and that you understand your policy.
  • Prepare a storm kit that includes necessities such as water, canned food, medicine, etc.
  • Take before and after pictures as mentioned above.

Hail-resistant shingles

Hail-resistant shingles help extend the life of your roof by protecting it from basic storms and hail damage. Land Enterprises always offers these shingles to our customers so that they are aware of their options. Hail-resistant shingles are typically considered an upgrade rather than a necessity, but some insurance companies will pay for it.

We definitely recommend hail-resistant shingles to all homeowners who live in storm-prone areas because of the benefits and protection they provide.

It’s time to start preparing! Are you ready for storm season?


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