Air conditioners and storm damage

AC unit next to house

Storms and inclement weather conditions can wreak havoc on your home, and one of the components often affected is the air conditioning (AC) system. Understanding the role of AC repair in storm damage is essential to maintain a comfortable and healthy home.

Hail storms, in particular, can cause significant damage to the outdoor components of your AC unit. The condenser coils can be dented or punctured, affecting the system’s efficiency and possibly leading to a refrigerant leak. Even after a storm, running a damaged AC unit can cause further harm, resulting in a complete system failure in the worst-case scenario.


Before a storm, homeowners can protect their AC units by covering them with commercially available protective covers or temporarily constructing a protective structure. However, remember to remove these covers before using the unit again to prevent overheating.

What can be done?

In case of hail damage, a process known as “recombing” can be applied to straighten the bent fins on the AC condenser unit, which helps restore its performance. However, a complete replacement may be necessary if the damage is severe.

Working with insurance companies after storm damage can be challenging, but many AC repair professionals can help negotiate claims to cover the repair or replacement costs. They can provide a detailed damage assessment, assisting homeowners in navigating the process.

Post-storm, repairing, or replacing an AC unit contributes significantly to the overall health of a home. A functional AC system ensures optimal indoor comfort and air quality, which is essential for a safe and healthy living environment.

Storms can be damaging, but knowing the steps to take can significantly reduce the impact on your home’s AC system. Always consult a professional to assess the damage and provide the best action.


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