Three easy ways to protect your roof

By Kirsten Land / April 21, 2015

Spring is upon us, which means it’s time to start thinking of home maintenance. We aren’t referring to sprucing up the interior with some new paint. We’re is talking about major defenses against the weather, especially for your roof!

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Protecting your foundation with gutters

By Kirsten Land / April 7, 2015

It’s spring time in Oklahoma! We’ve all heard the saying “April showers bring May flowers!” If you are a native to Oklahoma, you know that spring brings major storms our way. Spring is the best time to start thinking about home improvement to protect your home from the weather. The easiest way to protect your home’s foundation is to…

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Five common flat commercial roofing problems

By Kirsten Land / March 17, 2015

We’ve been in the commercial roofing business for more than two decades. We’ve see a lot over the years and know a thing or two about good commercial roof installation and upkeep. To the untrained eye, the process looks simple enough from the ground. But that’s deceptive.

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Is your roof ready for spring?

By Kirsten Land / March 3, 2015

March is Roof Maintenance Month at Land Enterprises Roofing, and we’d like to offer a few tips for keeping your roof in tip-top shape this Spring and Summer. Regular maintenance not only helps ensure the roofing material manufacturer will honor their warranty, it can also extend the overall life of your roof.

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Roof tips for home buyers and sellers

By Kirsten Land / February 17, 2015

It’s a great time to start thinking about buying or selling a house. According to an article posted by the National Association of Realtors, Spring and Summer are the best seasons to sell a home. “Spring brings rain and flowers – and possibly extra green in the final sales price of your home.” Whether you’re selling or not, after extreme winter weather…

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The danger of covering your roof vents

By Kirsten Land / February 3, 2015

Many homes have “whirly bird” vents or turbine vents. These vents look like small windmills and spin. The reason they are on your roof is to provide the air exchange your home needs to remain comfortable and healthy. If you cover them, you can cause extremely expensive damage to your home!

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Why would I need roof maintenance plan?

By Kirsten Land / January 20, 2015

Oklahoma is known for its wild weather. We get it all; wind, rain, sun, snow, and ice. We rarely stop to think about the buildings that protect us from the elements. It’s something we all take for granted. Consider for a minute that your home might be your biggest investment and your roof is the best protector your home can have. Wouldn’t you want to do everything in your power to keep your roof in great shape?

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The danger of ice dams

By Kirsten Land / January 6, 2015

This winter is expected to be slightly more severe than last winter. We’re expecting a lot of snow fall in the coming months. But do you know what that kind of activity can do to your home? High winds and mounds of snow can leave you roof beaten and battered when spring arrives.

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How many roofing quotes?

By Kirsten Land / December 16, 2014

Before insurance adjustors came along, you would need three estimates to verify there is actually damage to your roof. Today, insurance companies have their own employees and subcontractors to examine your roof and report on the extent of the damage. So are three roofing quotes still necessary?

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Cold weather roofing

By Kirsten Land / December 2, 2014

Many people find themselves in need of roof work in the colder months. But often they wait until warmer months to get it taken care of. So is roofing during winter not a good idea? The truth is…

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