Fireproofing your exterior

By Kirsten Land / November 18, 2014

Some of you may know that October was fire prevention month. Our project manager, Todd Davis, is a volunteer fireman and sees homes catch fire quickly, often due to homeowner negligence. A fire can start in an instant. We believe it’s important to be aware of preventative measures you can take to ensure your home is less prone to fire damage.

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How to choose a roofer

By Kirsten Land / November 4, 2014

Checking the yellow pages under “Roofing” really isn’t the best strategy for choosing a reputable roofer for your home. With the advent of the internet, any responsible home owner should do their research before signing a contract with a roofer. It’s your job to ensure the company you hire is reputable and capable of getting your roof done right the first time.

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Roof maintenance for your home

By Kirsten Land / October 21, 2014

Owning a home without a roof maintenance program is like driving a car and never having the oil changed. We started offering roof maintenance because during our roof inspections we would find a lot of damage that a little preventative care could have kept from ever occurring.

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Commercial roof maintenance for your business

By Kirsten Land / October 7, 2014

As Oklahomans, we know severe storms aren’t a matter of if – it’s a matter of when. The roof is a commercial building’s first line of defense from natural hazards such as wind, rain, fire, hail, ice, snow, and extreme heat. It is also the most vulnerable part of your building.

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Should you consider a metal roof?

By Kirsten Land / September 16, 2014

We certainly get our share of severe weather. With the amount of hail we get, many Oklahomans have to replace their roofs every 3-6 years. While insurance will usually cover most of the cost, this roof replacement cycle is a hassle and an annoyance. Metal roofs have a lot going for them in this regard.…

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The danger of nail guns

By Kirsten Land / September 2, 2014

You probably haven’t spent much time thinking about how your roof was installed. It’s shingles and nails, right? What’s complicated about that? Well, there’s a little more to it. If you’ve ever had a shingle fly off your roof after a storm, it could be because your installer used a nail gun instead of hand…

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Reduce your attic temperature (and bills)

By Kirsten Land / August 19, 2014

If you’re building your home or replacing your roof decking, there’s a new product that you absolutely must know about. It can cut your electric bills big time, and may be a good fit for your house. Solarboard is a radiant solar sheathing product for roofs and exterior walls. Benefits of Solarboard Reduces radiant heat…

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Did you lose your roofer?

By Kirsten Land / August 5, 2014

We’ve received an unusual increase in new clients this year. That should be a good thing, right? Well, a lot of calls are coming from real estate agents, contractors and new homeowners who lost their roofers. Storms in Oklahoma haven’t been as severe this year, so roofers have been leaving the state in search of better opportunities.

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Poor ventilation can ruin your roof

By Kirsten Land / July 15, 2014

Even the most expensive, highest-quality roof in the world can be ruined when a roofer or home owner cuts corners on ventilation. It’s something that’s easy to overlook and ignore, especially when you’re not up in your attic or on top of your roof very often – if at all. The extra dollars you spend…

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Is the roof you’re buying right for your home?

By Kirsten Land / July 1, 2014

Replacing your roof can sometimes be a stressful experience. You might be worried about how long it’s going to take and how much it’s going to cost. Unfortunately, you might also be worrying about whether or not the roof you’re buying is even the right roof at all. Often roof buyers get in a situation…

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