Prevent insurance headaches with these 4 tips


Ice and snow are beautiful to look at, but they sure can wreak havoc on our homes! Pretty as it is, ice and snow can be very heavy and damaging. And the result can be quite expensive and time consuming.

Thankfully, our homeowner’s insurance usually does a pretty good job of helping put us back together after any kind of storm causes damage to our homes. But is there a way to limit your need to file those pesky claims? What if taking just a little bit of time around your property could save you from those insurance headaches?

Here are four tips to keep you, your neighbors, and most importantly your home safe this winter.

1. Trim those trees

You want to be sure that your trees are trimmed back to stay off your roof. Also pay attention to things like limbs or branches that hang over the driveway and could potentially fall on your car, or into your neighbor’s yard.

Did you know that if your tree causes damage to your neighbor’s property, that you are then responsible for damages? Icy limbs are very heavy and have been known to cause damage and even total property when they fall. If you’re not really sure how to properly trim your tree to make it safe AND beautiful, contact a local arborist to help you.

2. Clean your gutters

Gutters get very heavy when filled with ice or snow. As they get heavy, they can certainly fall or tear off your house. This can cause damage to your roof – not to mention anything (or anyone!) that happens to be beneath them if they fall.

A cluttered gutter will also prevent proper drainage which can cause even more problems.

3. Secure your belongings

You know that trampoline the kids just love to play on? They can blow into the neighbor’s yard pretty easy! When they land, they tend to do a bit of damage. Now the kids are upset, and the neighbors expect you to pay to fix damages done to their property.

It is a fairly inexpensive fix to stake things like trampolines to prevent this damage from occurring.

4. Be a good neighbor

The sidewalks in front of (and around) your home can get icy and slippery. If someone falls, the injuries become your problem. So, be a good neighbor and keep those sidewalks clear of ice and snow. Whether you use a shovel, salt or both – your neighbors are sure to appreciate you!

No one likes having to file an insurance claim. These four tips may just help keep you claim free this winter. But, even if you do still end up filing a claim for winter damages, your agent will see that you have done your diligence in keeping your home as safe as possible – and that could also save you money!


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