Who pays for your roof damage?


Imagine this: You switch carriers for your home insurance in May. In June, several of your neighbors are hiring roofers to repair spring storm damage, so you decide to do the same. But once your roof’s been inspected by a roofer, you realize there’s significant damage that happened while you were covered by your previous insurance agency.

Your new insurance carrier won’t pay for that damage!

It’s not a disaster, though. If your roof gets damaged while you were covered by your previous insurance, most insurance companies will cover that damage. You were paying premium to them at the time the damage occurred, so you’d call that insurance agency’s adjuster out.

If you hire Land Roofing, we’ll help you take care of that claim. We recommend having a roofer out to inspect for roof damage before you call either insurance agency—that way, you won’t be opening up an unnecessary claim if your roof is in good shape.

Insurance rules are liable to change, of course. It’s important to know your policy, and you might want to keep a copy of your previous insurer’s policy around until you’re sure you won’t need for them to cover storm damage that occurred while you were using them.

For example, some companies like State Farm require homeowners to report their claim within one year of the insurable event. Otherwise, the claim may be denied.

If several of your neighbors are repairing or even replacing their roofs, that’s a good sign that a recent storm hit your neighborhood especially hard and you may want to call a roofer out to see what’s going on with your roof. It isn’t a guarantee that you’ll qualify for a new roof, though.

It’s a good idea to have your roof checked from time to time, to catch any damage quickly. And if you’ve changed insurance carriers recently, it doesn’t hurt to ask if your previous carrier will cover damage that happened while you were covered by them. You already paid the premium for it! And in many situations, they will take care of it.

If you would like a roofer to be present while the adjuster is at your home, or if you’d like to call a roofer out to see if you need any repairs in the first place, we’d be happy to have a conversation with you about that.


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