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Swift solutions for roofing emergencies

By Kirsten Land / September 19, 2023

There’s more to homeownership than meets the eye, and dealing with roof damage can sometimes be distressing. It is especially true when leaks or similar issues can escalate into serious problems. However, with the right information and team on your side, these emergencies can be addressed promptly and efficiently.

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Protecting your home during the tear-off phase

By Kirsten Land / September 5, 2023

When we replace a roof, we know that homeowners care about what is inside their home and surrounding it just as much as the roof we’re replacing. 

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Safeguarding your roof with an ice and water shield

By Kirsten Land / August 8, 2023

A roof is more than just a structure over your head – it is your home’s primary line of defense against the elements. Understanding the components of a complete roofing system is important for every homeowner. One of the most critical elements that should be included in every roof installation is an ice and water shield.

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Benefits of metal roofing

By Kirsten Land / July 4, 2023

As a homeowner, you understand the importance of making informed decisions regarding your roof. If you’re considering a roof replacement or want to explore durable and sustainable options, metal roofing could be an excellent choice for homeowners like yourself.

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How to weather the storm

By Kirsten Land / May 16, 2023

Oklahomans know all too well how storms can wreak havoc, and it’s essential to be as prepared as possible. We always advise our homeowners to have a plan before a storm hits.

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Insurance checklist: Have you asked your agent these questions?

By Kirsten Land / March 21, 2023

March marks the beginning of the spring season in the United States, and Oklahoma is no stranger to the crazy weather patterns brought on by the changing seasons.

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My neighbor got a new roof, should I too?

By Kirsten Land / February 7, 2023

When it comes to your home, just because your neighbor qualifies for a new roof doesn’t mean you will. When an adjuster comes to inspect your home, they consider many factors but most importantly, the damage noticeable to your roof, siding, and surrounding structures. Here is what you need to know about what factors decide if your roof needs to be replaced. 

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What black streaks on your roof mean

By Kirsten Land / September 6, 2022

Ugly black streaks on your roof? If you’re a homeowner noticing random streaks or dark spots on your roof, did you know it is likely due to algae build-up? Algae build-up can be surprising and might seem instantaneous, though it typically takes a few months for most homeowners to notice. Keep reading to learn what causes streaking, how to get rid of it, and what you can do to get enhanced protection against it.

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How to know if you need roof repairs

By Kirsten Land / August 2, 2022

Repairs are a big part of our business at Land Enterprises Roofing. Not all roofing companies will do repairs. They can often be more complex than re-roofing an entire home, and it’s not always simple to identify what parts of your roof need to be replaced. At Land Enterprises Roofing, we look at repairs as an opportunity to earn your business and protect your family home until it’s time to replace your roof. 

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Granule loss: When should you be concerned?

By Kirsten Land / May 17, 2022

Granule loss from asphalt shingles tends to cause concern for homeowners, which is completely understandable. However, granule loss is not always a cause for concern. It’s completely normal—to an extent.

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