What black streaks on your roof mean

Algae stains on roof

Ugly black streaks on your roof? If you’re a homeowner noticing random streaks or dark spots on your roof, did you know it is likely due to algae build-up? Algae build-up can be surprising and might seem instantaneous, though it typically takes a few months for most homeowners to notice. Keep reading to learn what causes streaking, how to get rid of it, and what you can do to get enhanced protection against it. 

What causes streaking

Though not harmful or dangerous, black streaking on your roof may be a type of blue-green algae. This type of algae can break down the integrity of your shingle and lessen the lifespan of your roof. Oklahoma is among some states categorized as severe for homes to harbor algae growth, specifically because of the hot and humid climate in the summer months. 

 How to prevent streaking

If you’re a homeowner who has algae streaks on your roof, there are simple things you can do to reverse build-up or prevent it altogether. Consider installing algae-resistant shingles or hire a company to clean your shingles with chemicals. In 2019, we shared these tips on our blog, read it here! If you’re not sure that algae is the cause of your discolored roof, call us, and we’ll take a look and advise on your next steps.

Manufacturers we work with

Putting algae-resistant shingles on your home is the ideal solution to prevent build-up. If you’ve followed along on our blog, we’ve shared feature blogs about some of our favorite manufacturers to work with. One manufacturer, Atlas, offers Scotchgard shingles which contain copper that releases slowly over time to prevent build-up. You can learn more about these shingles on the Atlas Roofing website

Another vendor, Malarkey manufacturing, creates algae-resistant granules to prevent your shingles from breaking down over time. 

Learn more about this unique product from Malarkey on their website.

 If you’re concerned about algae or notice streaking or spots on your roof, we’d love the opportunity to earn your business. Schedule a free consultation with our team to create a plan for your new roof. 


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