How to know if you need roof repairs

Сlose up view of asphalt shingles roof damage that needs repair.

Repairs are a big part of our business at Land Enterprises Roofing. Not all roofing companies will do repairs. They can often be more complex than re-roofing an entire home, and it’s not always simple to identify what parts of your roof need to be replaced. At Land Enterprises Roofing, we look at repairs as an opportunity to earn your business and protect your family home until it’s time to replace your roof. 

How do I know I need repair work?

If you have an older roof or suspect you have a leak, we encourage you to schedule a free inspection with us to see if repair work is a good fit for your roof’s integrity. We advocate for our clients; we’ll never sell you on repair work or a re-roof you don’t need. Our goal is to make your home a comfortable and safe place for you and your family. 

You might notice dripping sounds in your chimney or fireplace when it rains, likely due to needing flashing repair on your roof. You might also see brown spots or drooping in your ceiling, which could result from needing repairs to shingles. We also thoroughly examine your home to determine if damage or leaking is coming from areas unrelated to the roof. Sometimes leaks can come from things like gutters, windows, or vents. We’ll advise on what repairs you need to fix the problem, even if it’s not a new roof. 

When would you need an emergency repair?

Oklahoma is no stranger to extreme weather, which can often require emergency repairs to sustain your home until a permanent solution can be implemented. Though these repairs can cost more, in a situation where your home is unsafe between severe weather patterns, we’ll get your roof water-tight until we can fully repair your home. 

Some emergency repairs can be billed to your insurance company. Keep reading for tips on dealing with insurance and home maintenance. 

When do you call your insurance company? 

The best thing to do in any case is to consult with your insurance agent before emergencies arise to fully understand what is covered under your policy and how much your deductible is for repairs or replacement. Knowing the difference between a complete insurance loss due to extreme weather and roof maintenance repairs can help you make informed decisions when stressful emergency repairs are needed. 

Don’t forget, any time you call your insurance company discussing damage to your home, this will likely result in your company filing a claim on your policy—which may not be the optimal choice for your repair needs. This is where a trusted roofing company comes into play. At Land, we offer expertise and an action plan based on the state of your roof and needed repairs, all before you need to call your insurance company. 

Do we warranty repairs?

We warranty most of our repairs, and if your repair does not qualify for a warranty, we will let you know. Typically, we won’t warranty repairs if it is evident that the roof needs to be replaced rather than patched. 

 Have questions? Schedule your free inspection, or give us a call today! 


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