Protecting your home during the tear-off phase

Roof in the tear-off phase

When we replace a roof, we know that homeowners care about what is inside their home and surrounding it just as much as the roof we’re replacing. 

During a roof replacement project, protecting your home and belongings is just as important as the installation of the new roof itself. In particular, the tear-off phase, which involves the removal of your old roofing materials, can pose certain risks to your property. But don’t worry; you can minimize these risks as an informed homeowner with a professional roofing team.

What are the risks?

Common risks during the tear-off phase include potential damage to your outdoors and indoors. Things like koi ponds, flower beds, pergolas, special trees, and swimming pools must be protected outdoors. Indoors, delicate items like pictures and figures should be safely stored to prevent any accidental harm while the roofers work on your home.

How can I protect my home? 

One key aspect of protection is the precautionary measures that both homeowners and roofers can take. Professional roofers often ask homeowners to do simple tasks like mowing their lawns, which can make the post-project cleanup much smoother. A good roofing team will have a thorough discussion with you to understand what’s important and needs to be safeguarded. They’ll then create a plan to ensure those areas or items are well-protected.

Homeowners play a significant role too. By communicating effectively with roofers and ensuring their valuable items are safely stored away, they can contribute to a hassle-free work environment for the roofing team.

What happens if damage does occur? 

Despite these precautions, should any damage occur, the process is straightforward. A project manager will help assess the damage and ensure all is restored to its original state. Remember, incidents like these are rare, especially when you’ve got a meticulous team working on your roof.

The bottom line is that if something is valuable to you, ensure it’s noted and discussed with your roofing team. This is the best way to ensure it gets the protection it needs during the tear-off phase. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that our team cares about every piece of your property and its safety, not just the roof. 


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