Do contractors really need your insurance papers?


We frequently work with people who have recently filed a claim with their insurance. If that’s your situation, you may think it’s strange that we ask for your insurance papers. However, that’s just part of the process to get the best roof we can with what the insurance company is willing to pay out.

If you’re like many others, you may be hesitant to provide your contractor with the insurance papers. Maybe you’re afraid the contractor will copy and paste what the insurance papers say, regarding the work that the contractor needs to do, and just put it into the estimate.

However, this typically is not the case. Especially with Land Enterprises Roofing, we will do the work that needs to be done. However, we can’t do that without knowing what the insurance wants replaced!

In some cases, we might have to do more work than what’s stated in the insurance papers, and we need to know ahead of time whether that’s the case or not. Often, unexpected details come up when working on a roof that the adjuster can not see ahead of time.

Another issue that some people have is that they think the contractor will just raise their prices to match what the insurance adjuster has spelled out.

While we can’t speak for anyone else, we don’t price match with insurance adjusters. We want to make sure that your house receives all the work it needs; not more and not less.

We actually want to help save you money, rather than paying more out of pocket expenses!

This is one of the primary purposes we ask for your insurance papers. We’re checking for details and we want to make sure the adjuster didn’t overlook something. Adjusters have several roofs to look at, and it can be easy to accidentally miss the small details when they won’t be the ones working on the roof. We’re is only interested in the line items of the insurance papers, not the actual price estimate.

With your consent, Land Roofing will speak with your insurance adjuster and coordinate everything. This allows us to make sure that all of the job operations flow smoothly, and it takes most of the stress off of you.

However, we will only speak to your insurance once you provide us with your insurance papers and once we have your permission to coordinate with them.

Finally, to help put your mind at ease, it’s actually illegal for contractors to take advantage of insurance companies. So even if we wanted to (and we don’t), it would be against the law for us to do that.

Of course, we only want to work with you if you’re comfortable working with us. So if you’re not comfortable giving a contractor your insurance papers, you might consider whether you should be working with them in the first place.


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