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The process to fix a manufacturer’s defect

By Kirsten Land / August 7, 2018

Any manufactured product has the possibility of having a defect. Think about the number of safety recalls on cars or the limited warranty that covers your kitchen appliances in case of a manufacturer’s defect. The products used in roofing are no different. Sometimes, defects happen.

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What happens if a contractor gets hurt at your house?

By Kirsten Land / July 7, 2018

Roofing is an industry that involves some risk of injury, whether that’s from falling off a ladder, getting injured when tearing off or putting on a roof, suffering a dog bite on a job, or some other injury. So what happens if a roofer (or any other contractor) gets hurt at your house?

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Three reasons roof ventilation matters

By Kirsten Land / June 5, 2018

During the hot summer months, we see an increase in phone calls from people who say it’s unbearably hot in the second floor of their home and their air conditioner can’t keep up. When we go out and inspect their roof, the vast majority of the time we find inadequate roof ventilation.

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Who needs a roof maintenance plan?

By Kirsten Land / February 20, 2018

Oklahoma is known for its wild and unpredictable weather. From the wind sweeping down the plains to pouring rain to blazing hot sun to snow and ice, Oklahoma weather can be rough.

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Do you really understand what’s over your head?

By Kirsten Land / February 6, 2018

Let’s face it—you have a lot of expectations out of life. But you have even more expectations from your roof. You may not have thought much about it before, but a roof’s job is hard. It’s about so much more than a pretty shingle color to make your house look nice. Yes, we want our homes to look great, but your roof’s job exceeds that. It keeps you dry and warm all while protecting your largest investment—the people under it.

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Protecting your roof from winter and severe weather

By Kirsten Land / December 19, 2017

In 2010, we had an extremely severe winter, and we noticed something when spring arrived. Several homeowners who hadn’t had problems in previous winters called to report leaks and damage to their roofs. What had happened? In prolonged, severe winter weather, snow accumulation can lead to ice dams and create some serious problems for your roof. But they aren’t the only type of severe weather that can compromise shingles.

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Protect your loved ones and your roof in cooler months

By Kirsten Land / November 7, 2017

The seasons are changing, and the cooler months are upon us. It’s the time of year when we gather in our homes to celebrate the holidays and to stay warm.

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Protect yourself from scammers after a storm

By Kirsten Land / September 5, 2017

When a damaging storm hits, the last thing you should have to worry about is insurance scammers. But they are out there and will try to con you out of money when you are stressed and vulnerable. In fact, The Oklahoma Insurance Commission warned of phone and door-to-door scammers who hit neighborhoods after storm damage in Elk City and Perkins.

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Three actions you should take after a hail storm

By Kirsten Land / March 7, 2017

Storm season is here again. If your roof gets damaged by hail, or if you’re worried that it may have already been damaged, what should you do? It’s always helpful to review the steps you should take after a severe storm. Hopefully, you won’t need this information—but if you do, you’ll be prepared.

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Protecting your largest investment

By Kirsten Land / February 21, 2017

For most families, their home is their largest single investment. What’s the best way to protect that investment? Taking care of the small issues before they become humongous (and expensive).
But as far as roofs go, we know homeowners worry whether or not a roofing company will even come out for a small repair.

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