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Severe weather season is in full swing, and weather events like hail storms and high winds can wreak havoc on your home and personal property. At Land Enterprises Roofing, we’ve learned a thing or two about leveraging technology to better serve our clients and community. is one website we use to monitor hail activity across Oklahoma to assess potential damage and keep clients informed about the impact it can have on their homes. Let’s take a closer look at how we leverage HailTrace to enhance customer service and assist in a timely manner.

Tracking hail damage is one of the tools we use to provide real-time hail tracking and other helpful information for roofing professionals. We receive detailed reports about hail size, location, and severity following severe weather events, which happen often in the Oklahoma spring. These reports allow us to locate areas that have been greatly affected by storms and help our team prioritize inspections and repairs.

By combining these detailed reports with an inspection report from our team, we can provide timely estimates and repair or replacement information more easily than ever before. By using this technology and taking a more proactive approach, we’re able to address damages quickly and build trust and confidence with our clients.

Client education

Thanks to our team and data utilized from Hailtrace, we’re able to keep clients well-informed about damages and how they could affect their homes. Our team will share a detailed report of what we found during the inspection, including photos, and recommend repairs or replacements based on the unique situation. We aim to educate our clients about potential risks if repairs aren’t made and what they can do to improve or prolong the life of their roofs. Our roof maintenance plan is a great way to stay aware of the condition of your roof. Our transparency in the process allows our clients to make informed decisions about their roofs.

Tools like this are valuable for our team to assess the impact weather is having on our community. In Oklahoma, where severe weather often occurs, staying ahead of the curve and providing essential knowledge to our clients is one of the ways we’ve found to provide the best service possible. If you think your home may have hail damage, send us a message for a free inspection. Even if we find it’s not time for your roof to be repaired or replaced, this type of documentation is great to have for future repair or replacement needs when it comes to working with your insurance company.


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