Subcontractor Spotlight: Kahle Mayfield

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If you’ve had significant roofing repairs or a roof replacement by our team, you’ve likely had one or a few of our trusted subcontractors work on your home too. We’re excited to share more about Kahle Mayfield—a long-time friend and colleague of Land Enterprises Roofing and friend of our late founder, Brian Land.

Brian believed in working with a trusted network of partners and creating an excellent experience for our clients. Please keep reading to learn more about Kahle’s passion for painting and other services he provides.

How it all started…

A part of the painting industry since 2006, Kahle Mayfield, owner of Mayfield Paint & Finish, fell in love with painting shortly after retiring from the military. “One of the first jobs I enjoyed after the military was painting. Seeing the immediate change painting can bring to a space and structure was gratifying. I love making things look better and last longer, plus it is equally rewarding how physical the job is on your body. Not only are things made better, but you also get a great workout!” Mayfield mentioned when I reached out and asked why he loved painting.

Though they try not to stray from their area of expertise, Mayfield Paint & Finish offers a variety of services for commercial and residential needs including:

  • Paint and repair; exterior trim/fascia/soffits for residential, commercial, and industrial structures
  • Sheetrock repair and texture tie-ins
  • Rid clients of and cover up wallpaper areas, plus remove and retexture areas with acoustic ceilings
  • Paint the interior walls/ceilings/trim or cabinets of residential, commercial, and industrial spaces
  • Restain and finish wood surfaces interior and exterior, including trim, posts, pergolas, and fencing

What makes Mayfield different?

A veteran- and family-owned and -operated business, Mayfield Paint & Finish differs from some subcontractors we work with at Land Enterprises Roofing. Unlike some other contractors, Mayfield does not subcontract work on their projects; instead, jobs are completed by staff.

“Most often in our industry, companies have a salesperson or an owner who cannot do the job or have the experience to fully understand it from start to finish.” But Kahle is a big believer in getting involved and doing all the projects with the rest of the staff. “We as a company are big on communication and operating as a team,” Kahle said.

Kahle offers incentives for long-term employees, like generous vacation and holiday time and retirement benefits. “We are very family-oriented and focus on a healthy work-life balance,” Kahle said, and we couldn’t agree more! At Land Enterprises Roofing, we believe in providing a solid support system for our team members to grow and thrive.

What is it like working with Mayfield?

“I will go out for the estimate and orchestrate with the customer,” Kahle said. “During that time, we identify if there are any special needs to consider concerning the project.” Additionally, Kahle works with the client to ensure the space is ready for painting or repair.

“The biggest thing is to minimize our obstacles in completing our tasks,” Kahle said. The Mayfield team provides instructions on how to prep the space before the work is done. Whether the work is being done on the inside or outside, the team works with the client to ensure the team can complete their work without disturbing both parties and the safety of the homeowner’s belongings.

The team will then work with the client to schedule the project. Sometimes, this can be a tight deadline or a longer-term project. “We err on the side of overstating how long something will take and look to complete on time or early without sacrificing quality,” Kahle said. “When the job is complete, and when possible, we do a walkthrough with the client before leaving the job site.”

The Mayfield team works hard to ensure they provide a great experience to clients and “treat every job and customer as we would want to be treated,” Kahle said. This is one of the many reasons we love working with the excellent Mayfield Paint & Finish team.

If you want to learn more about the quality work done by our friends at Mayfield, visit their website.


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