Roof age and its impact on your insurance policy

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Most homeowners know taking care of their homes is essential, especially for expensive repairs like a roof. One crucial characteristic that is easy to overlook is the age of your roof and how that can impact the insurable value of your home. Did you know that the age of your roof can trigger policy changes? This can affect your recoverable value and replacement costs. Many homeowners are unaware of these changes and the potential implications an aging roof can have on their policy. This blog will uncover the importance of proactive communication with your insurance agent and what questions you should ask to guarantee you know what your insurance covers.

Roof age is a significant factor that insurance companies consider when determining coverage and premium costs. Typically, these changes occur when a roof hits the 10-year mark. This milestone could lead to decreased coverage or increased premiums or deductible costs, leaving homeowners vulnerable to unexpected repairs or severe weather damage.

What you can do to be proactive:

Mark a time on your calendar each year to reach out to your insurance agent to discuss your renewal information, changes in your premium or deductible, and the current condition of your property. Our roof maintenance plan is a great way to keep a paper trail of your roof’s condition annually. By initiating a conversation about your roof’s age and how it may impact your policy, you can make informed decisions about safeguarding your biggest investment – your home!

Consider these questions when checking in with your insurance agent:

  1.  How does the age of my roof affect my insurance policy?
  2.  Will my coverage change when my roof reaches a certain age?
  3.  How will this change impact my coverage, premiums, or deductible?
  4.  What proactive steps can I take to maintain or enhance my coverage as my roof ages?
  5.  Are any discounts or incentives available for upgrading or replacing my existing roof?

By asking these questions and engaging in an open dialogue with your agent, you can better understand your policy and be more prepared for the unexpected. Though we aren’t insurance experts, we work directly with insurance adjusters to care for our clients. We’ve learned a thing or two about the complexities of the insurance industry and know how valuable having a great relationship with your agent can be.

Have questions or concerns about the current condition of your roof? Give us a call for a free inspection. We are happy to talk to you about the benefits.


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