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Is your roof ready for a storm? In this blog, we will explore how having a roof maintenance plan in place, especially as we gear up for a chaotic storm season across Oklahoma, can be a lifesaver when it comes to making a claim with your insurance company. We understand the challenges of maintaining a roof in Oklahoma, so we offer a program designed to keep your roof in top condition while also providing our clients with the documentation needed to make a claim. By being proactive, you can rest assured that your roof is prepared to withstand the unpredictable Oklahoma Spring.

What is a roof maintenance plan?

Our roof maintenance plan offers our clients an annual check-up for their roofs. Think of it as a health check for your home! Depending on Oklahoma weather, we typically work with our clients to schedule an in-depth inspection in the early months of the year before Oklahoma storms spring into action.

The annual inspection finds any problem areas that could cause leaks or future issues with your roof. The inspector will take pictures and document the current condition of your roof throughout the inspection process. Our goal is to remove debris from the gutters, trim problematic tree limbs, seal areas that could cause a leak, do general cleaning and tidying, and check flashing around the chimney. All our steps keep your roof in tip-top shape ahead of storm season.

Once the inspection is complete, you will receive a report and digital copies of the pictures we took during the inspection. This is also a time when our team will recommend any repairs or replacements necessary to keep your home safe. Making these repairs is crucial in maintaining insurance coverage for your home. By taking the initiative to keep your roof in good shape, you ensure your insurance company knows you’ve made a good-faith effort to protect your home.

This information can be extremely helpful when you file a claim with your insurance provider. If needed, this documentation can be used to share the historical condition of your roof with your insurance adjuster for repair or replacement needs.

Note that your insurance policy covers sudden loss and damages caused by severe weather like a hailstorm, tornado, fire, or other natural disaster. Our maintenance plans help you know when to make necessary repairs to ensure you take care of your biggest investment, your home!

For more information about how a roof maintenance plan works and why you might need one, call us. We are happy to talk to you about the benefits.


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