Product highlight: F-Wave shingles

Rows of roof shingles

The new year is the perfect time to examine what products we offer our clients! As we take a closer look at what new products are hitting the market, one synthetic shingle that caught our eye is the F-Wave. We’re still researching these shingles but keep reading to learn more about what we know! 

Style and protection

We’ve said it many times before, but a good-looking roof can really elevate the curb appeal of your home. That doesn’t mean you need to compromise on protection. The F-Wave synthetic shingles offer a stylish array of choices with proven performance. Though these shingles contain no asphalt or stones, the manufacturer guarantees hail performance with a 5-year, 2″ size hail, materials, and labor warranty. These shingles could be an excellent option for homeowners in a place like Oklahoma with such extreme weather. 

Elements made to endure

F-Wave REVIA shingles are designed to last. The patented manufacturing process includes enhanced impact strength and UV resistance of the shingle. Aside from being weather resistant, these shingles are made to resist fire and wind up to 130 mph. 

Additional features

Other qualities the F-Wave RAVIA shingle offers, making them different from traditional asphalt shingles, are that no granules fall off, and the shingles do not become brittle over time as asphalt shingles can. These shingles are also ultra-dimensional, making them look like more expensive shingles, and they are resistant to cracking and fading. 

The F-Wave RAVIA website provides an in-depth comparison of different types of shingles compared to their synthetic shingles. You can learn more about how the F-Waves shingles compare to asphalt, polymeric roofing tiles, reclaimed rubber shingles, or metal tiles.

If you have questions about what roofing material would be best for your home, we would love to help! 


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