Manufacturer highlight: TAMKO

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Up next in our manufacturer highlight is TAMKO Building Products, LLC. The business has been family owned and operated since 1944, initially serving Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma, which led to the company’s name, TAMKO. Founded by then-69-year-old E.L. Craig, TAMKO was a family affair eventually led by Craig’s wife and the generations that followed, including their daughter, son-in-law, and grandchildren who have served in leadership roles since 1994. 

A fun adventure to see TAMKO

In the late 90s, our late founder, Brian Land, and I were traveling through Joplin, Missouri, and it so happened that TAMKO has a manufacturing facility located there. Brian, a big fan of their products, insisted we make a pit stop to see the facility. Though I’m certain the front desk staff thought we were crazy for stopping by, we had a lot of fun visiting the facility. Brian always made work adventures more fun. Since our company’s founding in 1986, we have used TAMKO products for repairs and replacements. 

Products we love 

TAMKO has several products we use and install on our customers’ roofs. A stylish and safe option for Oklahoma homeowners is the StormFighter IR™ shingle, which carries the industry’s highest wind warranty in an Impact Rated asphalt shingle. These storm-resistant shingles also come in a variety of fabulous color options. Though some color and shingle options have had limited availability due to the pandemic, TAMKO has kept all its color and design options available.

Another shingle we install often is the Heritage, known for its striking beauty and variety of color options to complement your home’s design. These quality shingles come in many colors, including green. Also in the Heritage line, TAMKO offers a designer shingle called Heritage Vintage. This shingle has depth and angular lines that make the roof look like real wood shake shingles. When it comes to design, this shingle is one of our favorites. 

Color and style make all the difference

TAMKO colors are vibrant and designed to emulate the texture of the item that inspired its design. A perfect example is the weathered wood color that closely resembles naturally weathered wood. Additionally, the Rustic Redwood resembles a Redwood tree. For homeowners hoping to modernize the look of their home or business, TAMKO also offers steel products with their Metalworks Steel Shingles that look like real slate tile. 

Learn more about TAMKO 

For the homeowner that wants to “try before you buy,” TAMKO offers a roof visualizer tool on their website. This tool allows the consumer to use one of their sample models to show how the shingle would look, or you can upload a picture of your home. If you have questions about TAMKO products or any information we listed in our blog today, call us! We are happy to help you find the perfect shingle for your home. 


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