Manufacturer highlight: GAF Manufacturing

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Quality of products, service, and communication—at Land Enterprises Roofing, these values are at the core of every decision we make. Recently our team invited our partner manufacturers’ representatives to our office so we could learn the latest news about roofing products, warranties, and proper installation techniques. Last month we highlighted Malarkey Roofing Products. If you missed that blog, click here to read about their local offices and impact-resistant shingles. 

Because we believe no one product or company is right for every customer, we best serve our clients when we offer a more robust lineup of products to suit the needs of their families and homes. 

Who is GAF Manufacturing?

Our next partner highlight is GAF Manufacturing, with a plant located in Ardmore, OK. GAF is the largest roofing manufacturer in the United States. Their motto is “we protect what matters most,” and we couldn’t agree more! Established in 1886 as The Standard Paint Company, GAF evolved into the country’s largest roofing manufacturer after a staff chemist started working in asphalt compounds that eventually led to the development of the roofing products and company we know today.

Land Roofing has used GAF products for many years now. The quality of their products and attentive customer service are several reasons we continue working with the company. 

Why we love GAF

One of the most important things we do while looking for vendors is ensure our manufacturers offer the best warranties. GAF offers warranties that truly protect our customers’ investments. 

GAF also offers support to contractors like us by hosting virtual and in-person classes to teach best practices for installing their products and train roofing professionals about the basics of residential and commercial roofing. 

We love to utilize these training videos to onboard new employees, and these resources help all of our employees stay well versed in roofing basics and the more complicated parts of a roofing system.

What materials does GAF offer?

Like many of their competitors, GAF manufacturers an impact-resistant shingle. More specifically, at Land, we use their Timberline Armorshield shingle. Like many impact-resistant shingles, we encourage our clients to check with their insurance company to see if they are eligible for an insurance discount. 

Their most popular shingle, Timberline HDZ, is also a product we sell at Land. Though it is not impact-resistant, it offers excellent protection, including against algae buildup. If you’ve ever noticed black streaks on a roof, that is likely algae buildup. This shingle provides a lot of great features to protect your home.

In a time of supply shortages, GAF has been a reliable partner for us to get the products that our jobs require. They have manufacturing plants all over the U.S. that produce materials for both residential and commercial roofing projects.

Visit the GAF website

One additional feature we love from GAF is that potential customers can upload a picture of their house to the GAF website and “try on” different style roofs and color combinations. Especially for homeowners who emphasize home design, this is helpful to see how a new roof can upgrade the look of your home. Visit their website to give it a try.


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