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At Land Enterprises Roofing, we strive to continually learn about new and changing materials within our industry. Our late founder, Brian Land, instilled a deep appreciation for quality materials and best installation practices from the very beginning. Our focus on quality through the entire process lies within our core values

It’s no surprise that we felt compelled to act with the continual material shortages and changes within product lines. We recently invited all of our partner manufacturers’ representatives to our office to learn about their products, warranties, and proper installation techniques.

Working with local companies 

With a production plant right here in Oklahoma City, Malarkey Roofing Products of Portland, Oregon, was the first meeting we scheduled. Brian was a big fan of Malarkey because of their Class IV (impact resistant) shingles, and we were excited to have them kick off our roofing material expo. 

Malarkey offers upcycled roofing materials like the NEX® polymer modified asphalt shingle. Engineered for performance with a focus on sustainability, these shingles are a durable alternative for anyone hoping to reduce their carbon footprint. Malarkey’s products are made from recycled rubber and recycled plastic. The company also plants trees to promote clean air. 

Finding the best materials 

Malarkey is also known for their Class IV shingle, which is an impact-resistant shingle. These highest-rated impact-resistant shingles allow extra protection from hail and other severe weather. Many insurance companies will even give a discount on a policy holder’s home insurance for having these shingles. Check with your agent to see if you could qualify for a discount. 

Malarkey has two Class IV shingles: Legacy and Legacy Scotchguard. Both shingles deliver superior all-weather resilience, a Class IV hail impact rating, and include granules that help clean the air of emission pollutants. The Legacy Scotchguard provides protection from algae streaks on your shingles. You can read more about the two shingles on Malarkey’s website. 

Offering many of the same benefits as the Class IV shingles, Malarkey also provides a Class III shingle, alternately known as Vista AR. With the second-highest rating for impact-resistant shingles, these are an excellent solution for a consumer wanting a similar quality to Legacy and Legacy Scotchguard. Some insurance carriers also give discounts to homeowners with Class III shingles. 

Helping our customers

At Land Enterprises Roofing, we love working with manufacturers like Malarkey that offer the latest innovation in the roofing industry while also providing excellent warranty options for our clients. If you have questions about which roofing materials are best for your home, contact us for a free inspection! 


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