Three potential causes of a high electric bill

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The dog days of summer are officially here. With temperatures on the rise, you might be wondering how to make your home more energy efficient to cut costs. Did you know that your roof and ventilation could be contributing to a sky-high electric bill? Let’s take a closer look at the key components that contribute to your home’s ability to maintain a comfortable temperature no matter the season. 


We’ve mentioned it before on the blog, but proper roof ventilation prevents your attic from harboring mold and moisture, increases your roof’s lifespan, and improves your home’s energy efficiency. If your roof isn’t properly ventilated, temperatures in your attic may rise to an unsafe level and spill over into your home. 

If you live in a multi-floor home, you might notice that the upper-level floors maintain a warmer temperature than others. This could be a sign that your home lacks the right ventilation, which can lead to your air conditioner working harder than it should and a rising electric bill. When we inspect any roof, our team calculates the correct amount of ventilation needed to keep your roof performing as it should. We believe in doing the right thing, and we won’t compromise on quality that could affect the integrity of your family home. 


Insulation is more than just keeping your home warm or cold during seasonal changes. There are a variety of different types of insulation you can buy based on your unique needs. Foam insulation is rising in popularity, but some consumers don’t know that foam insulation is debated in the roofing industry. 

Some manufacturers will not warranty your roof because foam insulation is known to cause issues with proper ventilation. One of our top priorities is to ensure our customers have a manufacturer’s warranty for their roofing materials. We’ll help match you with the best manufacturer for a roof that looks, feels, and functions exactly how your family needs it to. 


It’s no secret that the farmhouse look has become increasingly popular over the past few years. With more consumers looking at darker roofing materials, there are some things to note to ensure it’s the right choice for you. Dark roofs absorb more heat during the hotter months and reduce energy efficiency, making it more difficult for your AC unit to cool your home. 

At Land Enterprises Roofing, we strive to help find the perfect materials for your unique home needs. That’s why we don’t limit the number of manufacturers we work with so we can offer a wide selection of options to our clients. 

If you have questions about the performance of your roof or if you want to schedule a free inspection, contact us today. We are happy to help make your home a more comfortable place for you and your family. 



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