What is a supplement to an insurance claim?

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Not long ago, I had a conversation with a friend about her neighbors’ situation with their insurance company and their roof. The issue was their insurance company wouldn’t help pay for code upgrades because the original roof was built according to a different code than the one covered by their policy.

If you want to be safe, be sure to talk to your insurance agent about upgrades to your policy. But we also look for that type of thing when we work with people.

When a customer has roof damage and brings us their insurance paperwork, we look to see what has been included and what has been left out that will be necessary for the claim. Does the policy allow for code upgrades? Does it have all the components of the project listed?

If something is missing, we will file a supplement. A supplement to an insurance claim essentially means we’ll ask for anything that isn’t on the list but really should be.

The good news is that when we ask for your insurance papers, we agree to talk with your adjuster on your behalf. The process can be a mystery to our customers, but we deal with it all the time! We provide photos, documentation, and our roofing expertise.

Did your insurer miss a roof leak that caused damage inside your home? If so, there is an additional painting contract that needs to be signed. Was your roof built according to old code and needs to be updated? You policy should allow for that.

No stone is left unturned!

Many of our customers ask why we need to see their insurance paperwork. It’s so we know when you need things like a supplement to your claim. when we have a look at your insurance paperwork, we can stop money from coming out of your pocket and have insurance pay instead.

Your insurance policy tells you what is covered and your claim tells you what they are actually paying for. Of course, most homeowners are not experts in codes, code upgrades, and insurance terminology. We want to help!

Your home is a major part of your life, and we want it to be cared for the best way possible. When we work with your insurance company, we make sure all parties know the detail of the damage and repairs that are necessary. In order to do the project right, we need all the help—money and coverage—your insurer can give. That’s why we ask for your insurance paperwork and do things like file supplements to your insurance claim.


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