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Did you know that unnecessary claims are a bad thing? When a homeowner calls their agent after a storm and the insurance company goes out to take a look, they’ve filed a claim. And that may not be a good thing. Fortunately, it’s something we help insurance agents with.

When an agent we work with gets a call about possible damage, they call us and ask for a free inspection. Since we go out instead of them, it keeps them from filing unnecessary claims.

Our HAAG certified inspector will go out to the home, look at the roof, and create an age and condition report. We do a number of things while we’re there, including the following:

  • Find out the brand and style of your shingles
  • Seek out any pre-existing issues that would hinder a new policy
  • Take pictures and document everything

Once we’re done, we report back to the homeowner and insurance agent so any issues can get fixed, or so that an unnecessary insurance claim isn’t filed.

Our HAGG training is key to that! As part of the training, we renew our training and take the test annually. IT teaches us a number of things, including:

  • How to identify old vs. new material
  • How to treat a roof to keep it in as-is condition
  • How to avoid footfall damage while inspecting the roof
  • How to identify specific brands and styles of shingles without causing damage

With our training, we also have the confidence and ability to tell people when their roof isn’t damaged at all! Some roofing companies will tell their customers that every roof has damage, but that simply isn’t true.

We’ll tell you one of the following after our inspection:

  • Yes, there is damage.
  • No, there isn’t any need to file a claim.
  • There may be a case for a claim here.

That’s right, there are cases where we don’t find enough damage to recommend filing a claim. If you decide to move forward anyway and officially file a claim, it may or may not go in your favor.

The last thing we want is to recommend people file a claim and then it doesn’t go well. So you can be sure we will tell you exactly what we have found in our inspection. It also helps the insurance agents we work with, because they either don’t waste time if a claim shouldn’t be filed, or they already have all the info they need to file the claim if it’s a good idea.


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