How to prep for roof work on your home


We have been in the roofing business for long enough to run into all sorts of situations while working on our customers’ homes and commercial properties. We’ve seen raccoons stuck in gutters and about everything else you can imagine, including some things you probably can’t.

Each situation like that requires a unique approach! But as a homeowner, there are some pretty common ways you can prepare before your roofing company starts parking.

Where should I park?

It’s best if you don’t park your car in the garage or the driveway while the work is being done. First, you don’t want to be stuck at home all day if a trailer is blocking your way. And your roofer doesn’t want their trucks accidentally blocked by your vehicle either.

You also don’t want to risk debris falling off the roof onto your vehicle. Nails, shingles, tools, and everything else will damage your car far more easily than they’ll damage your driveway or grass.

Do I need to leave?

It is perfectly okay for you to stay at home while your roof is being worked on. But if you have small children, anyone that needs to nap, or anyone that doesn’t like loud noise all day long, you may want to find somewhere else to be.

What do I do with my stuff?

Outside, anything that you can move away from your home should be moved. If you can’t move it, we advise that you at least cover it to avoid possible damage. And be sure that your pets are secured. Usually plants around your house are fine if they are challenging to move.

Inside your house there are also measures you can take. If you have anything particularly valuable hanging on your walls, you should take it down. With the constant rustling, rumbling, and hammering on the roof, there’s a decent chance some items hung on the wall will fall.

What about afterward?

While I can’t speak for other roofing companies, our goal at Land Enterprises Roofing is to leave as little mess as possible. You shouldn’t find any nails, tools, or large pieces of material.

That being said, shingles are made up of tiny asphalt granules, and those have a tendency to show up for a few days, especially if there are particularly strong winds or rain after the roof work is done. If that happens, feel free to sweep them up or just wait for them to blow away.

Of course, if you have specific concerns, you should not hesitate to share them with your roofing company. They should be able to help with your situation even if it’s unique.


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