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We’ve all seen what mother nature can do to our homes. Sometimes, it can be devastating. It can be completely overwhelming to scroll through the numerous listings of roofing companies. It can be even more of a headache to work with your insurance company, and coordinate with an insurance adjuster.

Land Roofing understands that times like this can be extremely stressful, so if we’re the right fit for you, we would love to help!

When your home withstands a severe storm or tornado, you may be prone to roof damage. You will need to speak with your insurance company to start the process of filing a claim. This is where the insurance adjuster comes in. The adjuster is responsible for surveying your roof to determine if there is any sufficient damage.

If the damage is significant, the insurance adjuster will coordinate with the insurance company, and determine the amount of money you will receive to replace or repair your roof. This is the part that requires Land Roofing’s expertise! We will act as your advocate, and meet with your insurance adjuster. We will work with the adjuster to encourage the insurance company to send you the right amount of money.

We know how the process works, and we know how stressful this process can be. Give us a call, and see if Land Roofing Enterprises is the right fit to give you relief today!


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