Could the roof be lifted off your house?


Did you know that a certain type of garage door could keep the roof from being lifted off your home when powerful winds come? If you or someone you know was impacted by storms recently, you may want to consider a wind resistant garage door.

Wind resistant garage doors are a very good tool to help protect your home from powerful winds. What do these garage doors solve? With normal garage doors, straight line winds can be powerful enough to blow down your garage door, thus allowing air to enter the garage and potentially lift your roof off your house. Obviously, that can cause a lot of damage.

Not surprisingly, these type of garage doors are very common in Florida, due to the amount of hurricanes they endure each year. Currently, Moore is the only city in the state of Oklahoma to require wind resistant garage doors if you are building or rebuilding your home.

Every wind resistant garage door is custom made to your home. A representative will come out to your home to take pictures, measure, and look at how the house sits. Once all of this information is gathered, the rep will send the information to the company to have the door created.

As you might expect, there is additional investment with a wind resistant garage door. It’s typically around double the investment of a regular garage door. Regardless, it is definitely something to keep in mind. These garage doors can be insulated as well, which would have the added side effect of better controlling the temperate in your garage.

If you are in the process of rebuilding or remodeling, consider getting a wind resistant garage door. It may end up saving you money in the future. If you would like more information about this, please do not hesitate to give Land Enterprises Roofing a call!


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