Three easy ways to protect your roof


Spring is upon us, which means it’s time to start thinking of home maintenance. We aren’t referring to sprucing up the interior with some new paint. We’re talking about major defenses against the weather, especially for your roof!

Oklahoma’s weather can wreak havoc on our homes, and it isn’t a fun thing to deal with, especially when you’re not prepared. This may sound dreadful, but we have a few tips for you to check if your home is in good shape for this spring.

1. Check your gutters

We talked about this in a recent blog, but it bears repeating. You need to check your gutters. If your gutters are not performing properly, then you risk the chance of facing major foundation and/or landscaping repairs. The good news is guttering is definitely not the most expensive of home repairs, but can be fairly affordable.

One simple thing you can do is walk around your house on a rainy day, looking for leaks in the gutters. You can also check if the downspout is positioned correctly, or if water is coming out on your favorite rose bush.

2. Use your binoculars

Drag out your binoculars. No, we aren’t birdwatching; we are checking the shingles on our roofs! What should you be looking for? Check for missing or curling shingles. If you see any bad shingles, this could be a potential for a leak. If you see anything that looks unusual on your roof, give us a call. It is much better to be proactive and get your roof checked out by a pro. Plus, it’s free!

3. Check your attic insulation

Why should you care about the insulation in your attic? The insulation in your attic directly affects the quality of your roof. If you have a poorly insulated attic, next winter your roof will be prone to ice dams, which can then cause major leaks.

The insulation in the attic also affects the temperate of your attic. With summer coming right after spring, the temperature can skyrocket, which will make any poorly insulated attic feel like a sauna.

If you want to be sure to defend your home against the weather, please give us a call. Land Enterprises Roofing will make sure your home is ready for spring.


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