Protecting your foundation with gutters


It’s spring time in Oklahoma! We’ve all heard the saying “April showers bring May flowers!” If you are a native to Oklahoma, you know that spring brings major storms our way. Spring is the best time to start thinking about home improvement to protect your home from the weather.

The easiest way to protect your home’s foundation is to check your guttering. Gutters are on our homes to divert water away from the home foundation. If the water is not diverted correctly, water will hit the foundation.

Over time, the water will eventually start to deteriorate the foundation, thus making your home vulnerable to foundation problems. If your gutters are diverting the water correctly, there will not be any standing water, but there won’t be any dry dirt. If you have dry dirt near your foundation, this can cause cracks.

Gutters also help divert water away from landscaping. Too much water has the power to wash away grass or any plants that are in the path of traveling water.

One homeowner did not have gutters all the way around the house, and the homeowner ended up losing a lot of grass due to the improper diversion of water. When the next spring came around, the homeowner decided to install $500 worth of guttering around her 1,800 square foot home. The grass was saved!

In the home improvement spectrum, repairing or installing gutters is not very expensive. Of course every home is different, but it is much more costly to repair the foundation. The best bet for any homeowner is to protect their home from water damage by having proper gutters to divert the rainwater correctly.

If you want to protect your home this spring, give us a call! Land Enterprises Roofing can help you start defending your home today.


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