Is your roof ready for spring?


March is Roof Maintenance Month at Land Enterprises Roofing, and we’d like to offer a few tips for keeping your roof in tip-top shape this Spring and Summer. Regular maintenance not only helps ensure the roofing material manufacturer will honor their warranty, it can also extend the overall life of your roof.

For many of our customers, we provide a roof maintenance service twice a year. The typical schedule is just before winter hits, and as we exit the season. Timing is critical for many reasons.

In the spring, one of the most important things you can do for your roof (and your home) is to clean out your gutters. Gutters that are clogged cause many problems:

  • Landscaping damage due to runoff.
  • Foundation problems due to pooling water.
  • Damage to the gutter system due to the wait of wet debris.
  • Gutters that hold water can also be a breeding ground for mosquitos.

Even if you cleaned the gutters before the winter season arrived, trust us, an inspection is necessary when the cold weather passes. Whether it’s the last leaves of the season, toys, or animals (we found a baby copperhead in one customer’s gutter), it’s good to prepare for the Spring rains.

If you have gutter screens, that’s a great way of keeping out the big debris, but they don’t guarantee clean and free flowing gutters. A quick visual inspection can let you know if you need to clear off the top of the screens, but we also recommend checking inside the gutters as well. Smaller debris sneaking through the screen can add up over time.

Roof maintenance is about more than just gutters. Winter can send many seen, and unseen, ravages to a roof. We’re experts at inspecting and identifying problem areas, so that they can be repaired quickly – before they become bigger problems.

We offer preventative maintenance plans to keep your roof in great shape. Our maintenance plans include:

  • Bi-annual roof inspections
  • Inspect all rubber plumbing boots and replace as needed.
  • Inspect all attic vents for cracking, flaking and metal rusting.
  • Inspect for animal damage or roof penetration.
  • and more.

We’ve written about this recently and invite you to read more about why a roof maintenance plan could save you money.

Give us a call today to see how we can help give you peace of mind, and a roof that’s ready for Spring!


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