The danger of ice dams


This winter is expected to be slightly more severe than last winter. We’re expecting a lot of snow fall in the coming months. But do you know what that kind of activity can do to your home? High winds and mounds of snow can leave you roof beaten and battered when spring arrives.

Oklahoma is not known to be a winter weather state, but we still get severe winter weather from time to time. When snow falls and begins to melt, water will get under your shingles and freeze overnight, separating your shingles from the roof. When the ice thaws, leaks begin to appear.

Keep leaks at bay by replacing missing shingles and securing flashing around chimneys, vents and skylights. Trim overhead branches that can break under the weight of ice and snow, damaging your roof.

If you’re considering a new roof in 2015, we recommend installing Ice and Water Shield under the shingles. This product creates a barrier between your shingles and the decking to prevent ice and water from getting into your home. We install Ice and Water Shield in all our homes because it ensures a quality installation. Our customers don’t want to find any surprise leaks in the dead of winter and we don’t want to come out in the cold and fix leaks!

The best thing you can do to prevent ice damming in winter, is to keep snow off your roof. I don’t recommend climbing up on your roof, but if you can safely stand on the ground and use a brush or other devise to scrape off the snow from your roof, you’ll be in better shape.

If you have any questions about roof care in the winter or if you’re considering installing a new roof with Ice and Water Shield, give us a call at 359-3951.


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