How many roofing quotes?


Before insurance adjustors came along, you would need three estimates to verify there is actually damage to your roof. Today, insurance companies have their own employees and subcontractors to examine your roof and report on the extent of the damage.

So are three roofing quotes still necessary?

While some insurance companies may request three quotes, it’s not really necessary anymore.

And if you’re thinking you should price shop to get the best rate, think again. You don’t need to go with the best price because your insurance company will negotiate rates with the roofer of your choosing. Remember, they’ll be the ones paying for it, not you.

Simply select a local roofer who you trust, and the insurance company will negotiate the rate based on the price list they have to follow. The insurance company and the roofer will negotiate how many shingles the home will need, determine if a layer of shingles will need to be removed, if decking will need to be replaced, etc. It’s those fine details that the insurance company and roofers need to work out between each other.

We’ve been telling everyone to pick someone you’re comfortable with and trust. If it’s us, we’ll meet with the insurance adjustor show them the damage and make sure everything will covered under your insurance.

The other day we had a customer who owns several rental properties with a warranty shingle issue. We alerted the manufacturer to the problem, gave them our bid and the homeowner decided to price shop. He got another bid which came in under ours. We made some adjustments to our bid but explained to him not to worry about the price. Just pick the company you trust, send in the bid and the roofer and the manufacturer or insurance company will work it out.

It’s important to remember that you’re not paying for your roof. When you price shop, you’re hassling yourself, wasting your time getting bids, and wasting roofer’s time. Roofing companies will work out the claim on your behalf. So, go with someone you know, someone you like and someone you trust. It’s really up to the roofer and the insurance company to work out the pricing aspect.

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