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Owning a home without a roof maintenance program is like driving a car and never having the oil changed. We started offering roof maintenance because during our roof inspections we would find a lot of damage that a little preventative care could have kept from ever occurring.

Most of the time leaks can be prevented. They often develop around fireplace flashing or when a shingle has blown off the roof. Once you have damage from a leak, water can very easily get in and then you have to potentially deal with mold, replacing sheetrock, painting, etc.

Damage can happen quickly and it can be very costly. That’s why we recommend regular maintenance inspections. Our roof inspection includes:

  1. Inspecting all rubber plumbing boots and replace as needed.
  2. Inspecting all attic vents for cracking, flaking and metal rusting.
  3. Inspecting for animal damage or roof penetration.
  4. Inspecting shingles for curling, cupping, flaking, tearing, splitting and blistering. A sign of hail damage is seeing the black mat under shingles. Isolated damage can be repaired with a few new shingles, but if it’s widespread, it’s time for a new roof.
  5. Checking for buckled roof decking.
  6. Cleaning and removing debris from gutters. Even if you have gutter screens, debris collects in the valley and on the screen. If your gutters get clogged up, rain water overflows and falls to the ground which can damage your foundation and landscaping.
  7. Cleaning skylights.
  8. Applying necessary caulking around the metal seal of the fireplace, skylight, chimney, and vent pipes.
  9. Replacing flashing around fireplace, if necessary.
  10. Trimming trees touching the roof. If trees rub against the house it can scrape shingles off. Your insurance may not cover storm damage if they believe you were negligent in trimming your trees and your roofing material manufacturer may not honor their warranty.

When we complete our inspection, we provide you with a roof report that details what maintenance we completed and any next steps needed to keep your roof in good condition.

You can always inspect your own roof using our guidelines. However, when you consider how many injuries and casualties occur each year due to falling off a roof or a ladder and the hospital expenses those incidents result in, it’s well worth the investment to hire a professional roofer inspect your roof regularly.

For more information about our preventative residential maintenance plans starting at less than $200 per year, call us at 359-3951.


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