Commercial roof maintenance for your business

Commercial roof

As Oklahomans, we know severe storms aren’t a matter of if – it’s a matter of when.

The roof is a commercial building’s first line of defense from natural hazards such as wind, rain, fire, hail, ice, snow, and extreme heat. It is also the most vulnerable part of your building.

Every day, your roof is exposed to weather and other elements that may contribute to decay and deterioration, increasing the risk of damage to the roof itself and the contents below it.

Proper maintenance prolongs the life of a roof and in many instances will allow for “repair” instead of “replacement” when a problem is identified.

We are here for our customers through the entire life cycle of roof ownership. Most owners are not aware that properly maintaining the roof can actually extend the life of the roof and minimize the entire life cycle cost. A proactive approach to roof maintenance will allow you to anticipate future roofing needs and plan your budget accordingly.

Here are a few signs that you may need a roof maintenance plan sooner than later.

  • Unexplained mold or odors inside the building
  • Water stains on the ceiling
  • Standing water or ponding on the roof, which can weaken the roof deck
  • Bubbles in the roof cover, which can reduce effectiveness against uplift forces in a windstorm
  • Tears in the roof cover
  • Gaps in roof flashing (strips of metal where the roof meets the wall or object the protrude from the roof)
  • improper sealing around skylights

We conduct a full 12-point roof inspection twice a year: before winter and after winter. We clean debris off the roof and gutters, clean the skylights, and take care of any caulking that needs to be done. We want your roof to be clean and working properly before winter because water and ice can get in there and cause a lot damage to your roof, masonry, or any other material.

We also keep trees trimmed. This prevents branches from rubbing against the roof and leaves from accumulating on the roof and clogging drains and gutters. Additional aspects of our 2-point bi-annual roof inspection include checking:

  1. Ventilation
  2. Exterior
  3. Gutters
  4. Drip Edge
  5. Underlayment
  6. Valleys
  7. Flashings
  8. Skylights
  9. Chimneys
  10. Decking
  11. Ridge
  12. Shingles

As business owners, you face challenges in the day-to-day maintenance of your company operations and your building facility. Which is why we offer a commercial roof maintenance program for businesses. When it comes to your first line of defense against severe Oklahoma weather, it makes sense to hire a contractor to make sure the job is done safely and correctly.

For more information about our preventative commercial maintenance plans starting at less than $200 per year, call us at 359-3951.


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