Should you consider a metal roof?


We certainly get our share of severe weather. With the amount of hail we get, many Oklahomans have to replace their roofs every 3-6 years. While insurance will usually cover most of the cost, this roof replacement cycle is a hassle and an annoyance.

Metal roofs have a lot going for them in this regard. It’s not unlikely to get more than 20-30 years out of a metal roof in Oklahoma. While the cost is higher than a shingle roof, metal will outlast several roof replacements and you’ll recoup your investment in just a few years.

There are a lot of other significant benefits to a metal roof.

Energy efficient

Asphalt shingles absorb a lot of heat that streams into the home and increases indoor temperature by 20 to 25 degrees. Metal roofs, on the other hand, reflect the sun’s heat away from your home, resulting in energy savings of about 50 percent.

Fire resistant

One of the biggest reasons to opt for a metal roof is it’s much more fire resistant from blowing embers than shingles. This safety perk could save you money on your home owners insurance.

Water tight

We use High Temperature Ice and Water Shield under our metal roofs during installation. That’s really what keeps everything water tight. It’s made to withstand extreme temperatures from metal and tile. When a metal roof gets hailed on, it won’t leak or affect performance like composition shingles.

Good for the environment

Metal roofing is generally made from recycled content, and then, after its life, is itself recyclable.

Water savings

Metal roofs are optimal for rain water harvesting. With its smooth clean surface, less filtering is required of water from a metal roof, compared to shingles that shed small particles, and possibly other chemicals.

Happy memories

Surprisingly, most people want a metal roof for emotional reasons. They reminisce of sitting on the porch listening to the rain as a child. There are logical reasons for getting a metal roof, but at the end of the day if it can put a smile on your face, that’s what really matters.

The look

Aesthetically, a metal roof is versatile, crisp, and will complement many architectural styles, from a farmhouse to a contemporary home. Metal roofs come in different styles like clay tile, copper, slate, wood shakes, etc. There are a lot of options. Plus, it has baked on enamel and won’t fade for at least 20 years.

The downside to metal roofs is that they do get dented and scratched, like your car would. The dents will usually pop out over time with temperature changes, like cool mornings and warm afternoons.

Another downside is that HOAs often don’t allow standing seal metal roofs. They’ll usually give permission to the higher end metal roof options like wood shakes and clay tile because they blend into the neighborhood better. So, if you live with a HOA, you’re going to pay a little more for the high-end option.

Still, a metal roof is a fantastic alternative to shingles. It doesn’t take in as much heat, it’s very resistant to the elements, lasts a lot longer, and needs little to no maintenance. You can also cut down on your energy bills, possibly save on homeowners insurance, and increase your resale value.

So, if you’re tired of replacing your roof every couple years and want to make your home more energy efficient, consider a metal roof from Land Enterprise. We’ll be glad to give you a quote on shingle and metal roofing and talk through the options. Give us a call at 359-3951.


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