How Do I Know When It Is Time To Replace My Roof?


In Oklahoma, replacing your roof seems to happen following a hail storm.  In the past few years we have had some big hail storms making it easier to know whether or not you need a new roof.  Unless you have an impact resistant shingle or another type of system like metal roofing most composition shingles in Oklahoma will last about 10-12 years without a severe storm.  What if there isn’t a hail storm, do you know the tell tale signs of needing a new roof?

Most professionals recommend examining your roof once per year.  This can be done from the ground so you don’t have to worry about climbing any ladders.  Simply use a pair of binoculars or your neighbors yard to get a good look.  Once you have found a good vantage point start looking for missing shingles, rust on flashing, cracked or curled shingles, moss growth, peeling paint on the eaves or any discoloration.  If there are any tree branches touching your roof they should be trimmed.  With the Oklahoma winds the branches will wear down the shingle and can even lift them off of the roof.  Lastly, check your gutters, if there is sediment from the shingles that is another good sign that your roof system is starting to fail. After the inspection on the outside, go inside your home and look for any spots on your ceiling or walls.  Check for moisture as that may be a sign your roof has a leak.

If you find any of these signs then it is highly recommended that you call a professional roofing company to inspect your roof.  A simple repair like replacing a shingle or two will cost around $100.00.  If the roof system is failing then it is time to replace the roof.  Any competent (and registered with the Oklahoma Constructions and Industries Board) roofer can offer you advice about whether or not a claim needs to be filed with your home owners insurance.   Understanding the type of insurance you have will help make a determination about what if any amount of money your insurance company will pay for a new roof.  Always have a professional examine your property before filing a claim to save you from an unnecessary claim causing you increased premiums down the road.

If all of this sounds over whelming or you are just too busy, Land Enterprises Roofing has a roof maintenance program for residential homes as well as commercial properties.  Our main purpose for creating this program was to help homeowners maintain their roof so it can live out it’s intended life span.  For more information regarding Land Enterprises Roof Maintenance program call our office today at (405) 359-3951 or check our website


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