A DIY Tip to Finding a Roof Leak


A roof leak can happen to even the best homes and should be handled immediately to reduce your risk of losing precious possessions and paying huge repair bills.  Sometimes leaks are easy to find and sometimes they are not.  Here is what you need to look for and a simple test to locate the pesky leak.

If you are a do-it-yourself repairman start looking for the leak based on where you see the water coming into your home.  It may not be the spot of penetration, but it is a good starting point.  Once on the roof look in the most obvious places  like the valleys and the flashing around the vent pipes and chimney.  Look for missing caulking, split or missing shingles.  If there is not an obvious sign of damage, you can use a hose to spray water onto the roof.  (Use this technique only on warm days and make sure you have solid footing on the roof).  Work with a partner who can watch for the water coming through the spot on the inside of your home to help you identify the troubled spot on the roof.   Focus on the areas like the chimney and valleys.  Continue moving around to different areas of the roof until you find your leak.  If you were not able to find it with this method there may be another reason.

Occasionally there is the leak that seems almost impossible to locate causing mounds of frustration and worry for you.  The reason some leaks remain elusive is that they may not be a roof leak at all.  Water can come into your home in many ways.  It could be a window, siding, a window’s drip edge or even missing caulking.  Look around your house for any missing siding or drip edge.  Check your gutters and remove any debris.

If you are not a DIY enthusiast or still can’t find it, call a roofing contractor (like us) for a free inspection.  Sometimes having an experienced professional on the job is the best route to go!

For more information about this topic and to see a video about the water test check out this link;


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