Roofing In The Winter, Is That Possible?


Every year we hear from customers that they want to hurry up and have their roofing project done before winter or wait until the spring when the weather is warmer. Of course the customer can choose the best time for them to complete projects on their home but they don’t have to wait until spring. In Oklahoma we are fortunate to have more mild winters than other states in the Union and therefore we roof many homes during the winter under specific guidelines that we are always careful to follow.

In the colder months we will only start a complete re-roof if it is going to be a sunny day and the temperatures will get up to 50 degrees. Our crew will tear off shingles in the morning and attach the underlayment to the decking. Before heading to lunch they will place the shingles on the roof to allow them time to warm up. Depending upon the color of the shingle chosen, on a 50 degree day the shingles will warm up to a toasty 70 degrees. Once the crews return from lunch the shingles are ready to be secured to the decking. The warmth of the sun will help the shingles to lie down and seal into their permanent position.

Great news! Now you don’t have to wait for the season to change, call and schedule your roof inspection or project today!


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