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Why is roof maintenance important?

By Kirsten Land / October 15, 2019

You may have a roof over your head. But what is keeping that roof up and running? Have you invested in a roof maintenance plan to keep everything in ship shape? There are several reasons why you would do just that in order to protect not only your home or commercial property, but your wallet as well.

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What goes under shingles?

By Kirsten Land / September 17, 2019

The outer layer of your roof is just the first line of defense against light, heat, rain, and whatever else nature throws your home’s way. There is much more going on up there than just some asphalt tiles nailed to the top of a house. Let’s take a look at what is under the shingles you see.

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When should you replace roof insulation?

By Kirsten Land / September 3, 2019

Your home needs insulation. It is part of what goes into making a home comfortable to live in. If you want to have a healthy house, you will need to know a little bit about insulation or at least when you should go about replacing old materials.

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Caring for your roof in stormy weather

By Kirsten Land / June 18, 2019

Severe weather in Oklahoma is an unfortunate eventuality. Luckily, a high-quality roof that is maintained with proper upkeep has the ability to stand against rough conditions for a long time. So what should you do if you are in an area recently hit by strong storms?

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How does wind damage a roof?

By Kirsten Land / June 4, 2019

 Wind is a well known destructive force in Oklahoma. But how exactly does strong wind damage your home’s roof? And what does it look like? Severe weather can cause damage to a roof in two ways. One is by way of throwing debris up against the roof itself. Anything moving fast enough can remove shingles,…

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Why roof ventilation is important

By Kirsten Land / May 21, 2019

 Roof ventilation is an important and necessary part of your home’s functionality. Without proper ventilation, energy bills can rise and your home can be seriously damaged. Ventilation in your attic allows air to pass in and out of your home. This keeps your home from getting too hot and from collecting too much moisture. The…

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What roofing material is most energy efficient?

By Kirsten Land / April 16, 2019

 You can have a roof covered by asphalt shingles, metal, slate, clay tiles, and more. But which material is the most energy efficient? If solar tiles or a “green” roof are allowed by your homeowner’s association, they may be able to offset energy costs while working to protect your roof.  However, there are other ways…

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Roof damage can be more than just shingles

By Kirsten Land / March 19, 2019

It’s important to monitor the condition of your roof, as small areas of damage can quickly become major problems. If there’s been severe weather in your area recently, it’s a good idea to get your roof checked.

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The basics of solar roofs and solar shingles

By Kirsten Land / February 5, 2019

What if your roof didn’t just protect your house but also helped power it? That’s the idea behind the solar roof, an innovation that’s slowly starting to catch on in the United States.

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A covered roof vent is a dangerous roof vent

By Kirsten Land / September 18, 2018

Pick a house in Oklahoma and look at its roof. Chances are you will see some big round whirly bird or turbine vents. These pinwheels are not for decoration—they are actually in place on your roof to make sure your home has proper and healthy air exchange.

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