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The anatomy of a roof

By Kirsten Land / July 18, 2023

Let’s take a practical dive into the anatomy of a roof, unraveling the crucial components that work together to protect your home from the elements. By gaining a deeper understanding of these essential parts, you’ll be better equipped to maintain the integrity of your roof and ensure the safety of your dwelling.

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Benefits of metal roofing

By Kirsten Land / July 4, 2023

As a homeowner, you understand the importance of making informed decisions regarding your roof. If you’re considering a roof replacement or want to explore durable and sustainable options, metal roofing could be an excellent choice for homeowners like yourself.

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How to hire a contractor

By Kirsten Land / June 20, 2023

I’ve heard it said, “Your home is where your heart is,” and if this is true for you, then your home is worth investing in. That’s why it’s vital that you know the steps to take to hire a contractor in case you ever need any home repairs.

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How does insurance work?

By Kirsten Land / June 6, 2023

With storm season approaching, it is essential to know that any sign of missing or damaged shingles isn’t always an immediate reason to call your insurance at their 1-800 number.

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How to weather the storm

By Kirsten Land / May 16, 2023

Oklahomans know all too well how storms can wreak havoc, and it’s essential to be as prepared as possible. We always advise our homeowners to have a plan before a storm hits.

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What’s new in the roofing world?

By Kirsten Land / May 2, 2023

We always work to be on top of what’s happening in the roofing industry, and we are so excited to share what we learned at the recent International Roofing Expo!

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Benefits of a roof maintenance plan

By Kirsten Land / April 18, 2023

Take care of your roof and it will take care of you! When it comes to maintaining your home’s most valuable asset, your roof, our business makes it simple to stay on top of annual inspections and repairs to keep your roof in tip-top shape. Our late founder, Brian Land, saw a need to help homeowners maintain the quality of their roofs and created our roof maintenance plan. Though our maintenance plans might not be right for everyone, it does come with a number of benefits.

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Subcontractor Spotlight: Malarkey Manufacturing

By Kirsten Land / April 4, 2023

In case you missed our series featuring the awesome manufacturers we work with, we’re providing a closer look at Malarkey Manufacturing. In February 2023 our team toured the OKC plant for Malarkey Roofing products. Though we couldn’t snap any photos to share with you, we learned so much during our tour, and we’re excited to tell you more!

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Insurance checklist: Have you asked your agent these questions?

By Kirsten Land / March 21, 2023

March marks the beginning of the spring season in the United States, and Oklahoma is no stranger to the crazy weather patterns brought on by the changing seasons.

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Subcontractor Spotlight: Kahle Mayfield

By Kirsten Land / March 7, 2023

If you’ve had significant roofing repairs or a roof replacement by our team, you’ve likely had one or a few of our trusted subcontractors work on your home too. We’re excited to share more about Kahle Mayfield—a long-time friend and colleague of Land Enterprises Roofing and friend of our late founder, Brian Land.

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